TimoCom presented first Smart Logistics System, representing Augmented Logistics at IAA CV


For the 8th time, TIMOCOM, the leading European IT company for logistics, exhibited at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover. This year, TIMOCOM presented the first Smart Logistics System, representing Augmented Logistics and with a new logo.

For more than twenty years, TIMOCOM has worked together with their customers to sustainably transform and digitalise the logistics industry. Now, together with them, the company is transforming, forging ahead with their next developmental step. All based on a new company vision and mission. TIMOCOM believes in a world free of logistics challenges and had made it their mission to create a logistics industry that is smart, safe and simple. The strategy is, of course, reflected in their new brand identity.

But what, exactly, are the relevant factors in this transformation?

The Smart Logistics System

Ansgar Max, IT Director, explains the transformation from freight exchange to a pioneering system for the future of logistics: “TIMOCOM has been more than a freight exchange or a platform that focuses solely on transport for quite some time now. The Smart Logistics System is the sum total of a variety of different applications, services and interfaces. Technically speaking, these are micro or REST services, docker containers and orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. Combined with continuous integration and continuous delivery, and of course our agile development process, we are capable of reacting to market requirements with great efficiency.”

For TIMOCOM, the Smart Logistics System is the next logical step in ensuring that customers profit from the company’s intelligent services.

Augmented Logistics is the future

For many years, TIMOCOM has brought “freight and vehicle space together”. Customers will continue to have access to all the benefits and added value of Europe’s largest freight exchange. “Augmented Logistics” promises more than 127,000 users additional flexibility and efficiency as TIMOCOM supports their logistics process. Company Spokesman Gunnar Gburek explains the term selected by TIMOCOM to reflect the new strategic mission: “We are continually focused on automation of logistics processes, and ensuring customers have easy access to our system. Augmented stands for expanded, improved, increased. After all, every digital advancement in our system makes our customer’s processes smarter, which in turn allows them to further increase their competitive advantage. For TIMOCOM, this means that in the future, the focus will be on expanding the Smart Logistics System and networking with customers.”

Flexible logo and new brand identity

The new flexible logo reflects the revised brand identity on the visual level. Pélagie Mepin, Marketing Director, comments on the new and innovative logo: “Our new logo is an expression of our self-image as the leading and, above all, trendsetting IT logistics company. We deliberately selected a modern, flexible design. We wanted to represent TIMOCOM’s versatility and momentum, as well as that of the logistics industry and in particular that of our more than 40,000 customers.” The flexible logo allows TIMOCOM to implement even more targeted and specific customer communication.