9 Days Left to Go to Christmas; Handling the pressure at Fastway

  • Fastway Couriers handles over 7 million parcels so far this peak season…and it’s not over yet!
  • Peak season results in the addition of 874 seasonal support staff, six depots, and hundreds of extra vehicles for Fastway Couriers
  • National agenda to ‘buy-local’ and ‘buy-Irish’, has seen parcel volume growth of over 220 percent for Fastway Couriers domestic (Irish) client base

Fastway Couriers (Ireland) has announced that with just 9 delivery days left until Christmas Day, and with over 7 million parcels handled this peak season alone, it is extremely proud of what its’ staff, franchisees, and the network has achieved so far this year. Fastway’s preparation for this year’s peak season began as early as May this year, to support the expected increase in delivery volumes and it would not have been possible without the dedication and passion of the staff, franchisees, and the additional 874 seasonal support staff, six depots, and hundreds of extra vans and trucks.

In an address to its Franchise Network Fastway Couriers Chief Executive Officer Danny Hughes, said: “The tireless efforts of our national operations staff has ensured that high volume international inbound and outbound retailers have had their parcels sorted and distributed to our regional depots within one working day of their arrival everyday throughout our peak season. This is despite witnessing volumes surges of over 450 percent from one day to the next”.  Hughes added, “Unlike our competitors, Fastway’s franchisees answered the call by predicting these huge volumes and have deployed significant resources throughout the network to stay ahead of demand”.

“It is estimated that, whilst operating at greater than 200 percent ‘normal’ parcel volumes for most of the year, the Fastway network has executed its peak season with as much as 12 percent additional parcel capacity in its network, leading to best-in-class service standards during the hardest operating period in the history of our industry”. Hughes went on to say: “Between the 1st of October and today, the average parcel has taken 1.29 days to be delivered, an outstanding service performance during the toughest of conditions. My praise for our franchisees and colleagues throughout the network cannot be overstated”.

Hughes added: “A major focus for Fastway Couriers in 2020, was to build our ‘domestic’ (Irish) client base and support a national agenda to ‘buy-local’ and ‘buy-Irish’. Our 15,000 plus Irish SME customers, the length and breadth of the country, attest to this success and we’re delighted to have witnessed parcel volume growth of over 220 percent from this sector, representing a huge success story for the people of Ireland who are adapting to a new normal and supporting one another through these troubling times”.

Hughes finished off by saying: “The job is not yet over, we’ve another ten days to go until Christmas and we’ve to navigate the Brexit conundrum soon after. But we’re committed and prepared and will deliver on our promises for our customers”.