After Brexit related pause: DB Schenker resumes land shipments to the UK


Following a brief suspension of the system freight network, DB Schenker resumes collecting compliant land transport shipments from the European Union to the United Kingdom from January 21, 2021 onwards

DB Schenker has resumed land shipments to Great Britain after a temporary suspension. For shipments to be processed, it remains of the utmost importance that the necessary customs documents can be obtained in an efficient manner.

Cyrille Bonjean, Head of Land Transport Europe at DB Schenker explains: “Resuming the service is made possible by working together closely with our commercial and industry partners on gathering end to end contact and customs information, which are essential for customs clearance”.

DB Schenker informed customers that shipments to the UK will only be accepted and collected if the necessary minimum exporter and importer documents have been received and are correct. To support their customers, DB Schenker provides a comprehensive document describing the minimum required information which must accompany every shipment to the UK.

European companies and their UK customers can also find all the necessary information and relevant customs documents templates on the DB Schenker website. In addition, customers can reach out to sales and customer service representatives who will provide the information as well.

DB Schenker continues to encourage its European Union customers to advise their UK importers to fully engage in the necessary import processes to facilitate and expedite the clearance of their consignments.

The temporary suspension of shipments had become necessary after DB Schenker had identified significant problems relating to the market awareness and readiness of the full customs complexities which apply since Brexit.

Cyrille Bonjean says: “As Europe’s largest pan-European land transport network, DB Schenker opted to provide transparency and leadership for the entire sector by actively communicating the multiple customs paperwork challenges that European and British industry were facing, instead of just hoping for the best. By making the hard decision to suspend shipment collections for a short period, we were able to protect our transportation network from potential tailbacks affecting transshipment platforms in the whole of Europe”.