AlcoSense launches Elite 3 – Latest generation personal breathalyser


Professional drivers that like to take a drink or two will appreciate the new AlcoSense Elite 3, just launched that features upgraded Semi-Conductor alcohol sensor technology and deep lung air sampling for unrivalled accuracy at this price point.

Designed and manufactured by AlcoSense Laboratories, the Elite 3 is easy to use, fits in the palm of your hand and gives your alcohol reading in seconds.  Simply turn it on and insert a blow tube. When the blow symbol is displayed on screen, blow through the device for approximately six seconds until it beeps.  A few seconds later the results will be shown in increments of 0.01 ‰BAC or mg/L, giving a detailed understanding of the alcohol level – and more importantly, when any alcohol from the evening before has cleared the person’s system.

The Elite 3 uses a colour coded results system, alerting the person is near or over the legal chosen drink drive limit.  It can be set to any limit in Ireland and the UK including the lower Scottish limit and also the novice and learner driver limit in Ireland.

It features inbuilt air flow sensors and, unlike many other breathalysers at this price point, the Elite 3 takes a larger breath sample including deep lung air to increase the accuracy of the readings. Deep lung air contains the most accurate concentration of alcohol – but some similarly priced breathalysers take much smaller samples and risk sampling air from the throat or top of the lungs, significantly reducing accuracy. To make life even easier the Elite 3 will store the last nine test results, which can be easily accessed by pressing and holding the history button on the front of the breathalyser.

Keeping a Semi-Conductor breathalyser sensor free from oxidisation is essential for long term performance.  The AlcoSense Elite 3 automatically performs a sensor clean every time it is used and periodically performs a deep clean, helping to keep the sensor in top condition and readings accurate.  It also now features a calibration reminder after 12 months or 300 tests, so you can easily remember to have your breathalyser recalibrated to ensure ongoing accuracy.

“Part of the responsible enjoyment of alcohol is to understand its effect on the body and know when you are clear of alcohol the next day,” commented Hunter Abbott, MD at AlcoSense Laboratories.  “The Elite 3 helps you do exactly that by giving you the tools to make an informed decision – removing the potentially fatal guesswork of knowing when you’re clear of alcohol the morning after the night before”.

The sleek pocket-sized AlcoSense Elite 3 is available from Halfords, Boots, or priced €89.99