Applegreen commits to Net Zero by 2030 in Ireland


Applegreen has formally committed to using Net Zero methodology to reduce the direct carbon footprint of its Irish operation by 90% by the year 2030. The company will achieve this through initiatives including cleaner energy and enhanced EV solutions and has also committed to offsetting any residual emissions that cannot be eliminated.

The announcement by Applegreen is part of the company’s ‘Drive Change’ sustainability strategy, which prioritises a low carbon future across the company’s asset network and supply chain, as well as offering cleaner energy solutions. This commitment from Applegreen is a key milestone on their route to carbon neutrality by 2050. Applegreen’s route to carbon neutrality will encompass all ‘Scope 3’ emissions* including fuel distribution, waste management and supply chain commitments.

“This signals the next major step in our sustainability journey,” said Fiona Matthews, Managing Director of Applegreen Ireland. “We are focusing on what we can do now, with a tangible and transparent commitment to achieving Net Zero in our own operations by 2030.”

“As a business we are very aware of the role our industry plays in contributing to carbon emissions,” Ms Matthews said. “Our business is based around roadside retailing and we take our responsibility to act now very seriously. We are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.”

Sustainability strategy

Applegreen’s sustainability journey is already well underway through a wide range of initiatives including offering customers certified Carbon Neutral driving, native Irish forestry creation, biodiversity awareness, water harvesting and recycling. The company has also introduced own-brand plant-based Tetra Pak water bottles and continues to source from local food suppliers. Additionally, Applegreen operates a very successful Charitable Fund that has distributed almost €5 million to local Irish charities over the past decade.

For the second consecutive year, Applegreen has made a detailed submission to CDP, the international not-for-profit organisation that operates the global reporting system for companies that wish to manage their environmental impacts. Berlin-based CDP is regarded as the gold standard of environmental reporting and will ensure continued independent, external verification of Applegreen’s carbon emissions.

Focus on EV company cars, renewable energy

The next stage of Applegreen’s route to a low carbon future will see a focus on the company’s staff vehicles as well as a renewed commitment to sourcing only renewable electricity.

By the end of 2022, Applegreen will have implemented a policy ensuring a minimum of partial EV use for business operations across all company cars. By 2026, all new business vehicles purchased by Applegreen will be fully EV, while by 2030, all Applegreen company cars will be fully electric EV. The company currently offset all tailpipe emissions from vehicles which distribute fuel and product to stores nationwide, which are third-party owned and operated.

Applegreen will also continue sourcing only 100% renewable electricity to power the company headquarters in west Dublin, as well as its network of service stations around Ireland.

Applegreen continuing to ‘Drive Change’

Applegreen’s ‘Drive Change’ sustainability programme covers all aspects of the company’s operations including progressive policies around workplace diversity and significant investment in customers and local communities.

“We launched ‘Drive Change’ as a key pillar in the business to embed sustainability into everything we do,” said Applegreen Ireland Managing Director, Fiona Matthews. “We’re driving change ourselves and giving our customers options and solutions that allow them to do the same.

“This commitment will shape key business decisions in the coming years as we, along with the rest of the world, strive towards a Net Zero carbon future,” said Applegreen’s Fiona Matthews. “We’re proud to do all we can now and we look forward to sharing details of our progress along the way.”