Are you already the Haulage Operator of Choice?


*9 tips will make a preferred road transport service provider

Efficiency, service and digitilisation – this combination is the key to success for many service providers. However, it is not always easy for transport companies to keep an eye on all three aspects and to implement them professionally. After all: their core competence is the secure and reliable transport of freight. With the following tips, carriers can easily become the preferred transport service provider.

In the Smart Logistics System of the FreightTech company TIMOCOM, transport customers and service providers from all over Europe meet in a network. The logistics IT service provider’s diverse applications and service portfolio offers valuable support in this regard:

Tips for a good reputation, satisfied partners and sustainable business relationships

It is the market’s nature: sometimes there is simply more freight than available loading space. For example, in the aftermath of the Ever Given accident in the Suez Canal. As a result, freight charges are increasing and HGV drivers can choose their transport jobs. But then there are also phases when there is a surplus of available loading space. During such periods, prices fall and smaller transport companies in particular struggle to survive.

With these tips prepare to weather such fluctuations, secure the business in advance and become the “Carrier of Choice” for customers:

Be digital: Keep the finger on the pulse and take advantage of the diverse and constantly evolving possibilities of modern IT systems. Because the logistics world is becoming more digital, networked and agile at a rapid pace. This development offers not only to customers, but also a multitude of possibilities and opportunities for growth. IT service providers like TIMOCOM place great value on simplifying access to the digital world for all market participants, actively accompanying them on this path and helping to create it.

Deliver on time and reliably: That is exactly what customers expect. However, the best planning won’t help if caught in traffic jams or if something unforeseeable happens on the route. Using digital real-time HGV tracking  can share position data with business partners. They can better prepare for arrival time, for example at the loading dock.

Offer security: Load security: Properly secure any load. Take the time to check that everything has been properly secured and stowed before departure. A good overview is provided in the Safety of loads on vehicles: code of practice.

  • Certificates: receive certification for all areas and services relevant to the company and customers. In this way, position as a service provider that adheres to the highest quality and security standards. .
  • Data protection: when it comes to digital business relationships, data protection and authenticity plays an increasingly important role. TIMOCOM, for example, has developed a security net for this purpose. This includes, among other things, the areas of data security, payment security and extensive new customer verification.

Be proactiveExample: On expanding the fleet there is more loading capacity than before. Optimise use of capacity. Offer the available loading space and inform partners in good time about free capacities. Advertise these by posting loading space capacities on a freight exchange.

Communicate securely even internationally: Europe is multilingual. Not being able to speak many languages does not have to prevent from communicating with business partners. TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System, for example, offers all the necessary business processing services in 24 languages.

Keep an eye on driving bans: Avoid detours or long traffic jams that lead to delays and therby frustration for the customer and the firm. Check out to stay up-to-date on driving bans or road works free of charge – throughout Europe.

Plan ahead: Empty runs are expensive, environmentally harmful and avoidable. Therefore, plan routes in advance. The shortest route between two destinations does not necessarily have to be the most efficient. Take second or even third orders and collect additional part loads on the return journey, which can be intelligently combined with your route. Or plan routes more efficiently by calculating their costs in advance.

Be available: The basis of a good business relationship is communication. Do not leave any questions unanswered and respond quickly and concisely. Systems like TIMOCOM’s have integrated notification functions and instant messaging, which can be of great assistance.

Present well: Maintaining the corporate website can be time-consuming. However, access to relevant documents such as EU licences, certificates, insurance papers, commercial registration etc. is important for many partner companies. Prove trustworthiness and make the best possible impression right from the start.

Stand out from the competition successfully, with digital support. There are many approaches to take that can be integrated into everyday work that allow
to become  the preferred transport service provider. By using TIMOCOM’s applications and services the right digital support at disposal at all times.