Brexit – More details required for the Proposed Dublin Port Traffic Management Plan


A call has been made by the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) for the authorities to prioritise trialling the recently announced Traffic Management Plan for Dublin Port, to allow time for the potential developments needed.

Aidan Flynn – General Manager of FTAI commented that while the plan is welcomed, the FTAI has concerns including general road safety on the motorway network during peak times. “We are disappointed that industry was not consulted during the development of the plan, which does not take account of the businesses that are located within the port and are critical to the provision and supply of fuel to the airport and service stations around the country. More information on the proposed traffic plans, for both access and egress of the port, must be provided. And, while reference is made in the plan to provide various pre-notifications of delays to oncoming traffic – such as new signage to be erected on motorways – what is not clear is who will be responsible for the management of the traffic and the safety of all road users in the event of the plan being used.”

“It is also unclear as to how much advanced notice will be provided to the road haulage sector.  Every delay has consequences for driving time and FTAI is calling for the Road Safety Authority to provide details of what derogation will be provided for drivers, particularly during a blue alert. This would provide some certainty for operators and drivers in that they could complete their journey within the legal working hours in the event of delays.

“Furthermore, the blue airport parking area is accessed through regional roads and guidance is also needed in regards to how HGV traffic will be managed on the approach and egress of the parking area, in a way that does not interfere with the road safety of commuters – who are reliant on this route to get to and from their workplace every day. The FTAI members are trialling proposed Customs arrangements for the post-transition period in Dublin Port and Rosslare Europort this week. These trials, organised with Revenue in conjunction with industry, will enable businesses, authorities and Government to understand how the new import and export process will work in 2021 and will provide a perfect opportunity to develop upon any issues that arise. We therefore recommend that the Traffic Management Committee also engages with industry when testing the plans so that we are able to work together to ensure safety for all on our roads.”