Carrier Transicold elevates Cold Chain Electrification with New Syberia eCool for Electric Trucks

Carrier Transicold has begun initial production of a new all-electric Syberia eCool temperature-controlled unit, continuing the electrification of the company’s eCool series and further demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. Compatible with most electric trucks, the new system delivers zero direct engine emissions and ultra-low noise operation, making it the ideal solution for all-electric urban deliveries.

First unveiled at IAA Transportation 2022, the Carrier Transicold Syberia eCool is available now in limited quantities in both single and multi-temperature configurations and expected to be widely available to customers in 2024. The system combines a front-mounted Carrier Transicold Syberia 14 engineless refrigeration unit undergoing field testing with the company’s highly efficient power box. The power box converts high-voltage current sourced directly from the vehicle’s powertrain into the 400-volt AC current required to drive the unit, eliminating direct emissions without significantly affecting range or refrigeration performance.

“We set ourselves the challenge to develop an easy to install, all-electric solution that delivers low-energy consumption without losing efficiency,” said Scott Dargan, Managing Director UK & Northern Europe at Carrier Transicold. “The Syberia eCool is that product. It underlines our ability to meet the challenges of urban electric distribution, providing an efficient and cost-effective answer to the ever-growing interest among our customer base for operating fully electric trucks.”

The existing all-electric architecture of the Carrier Transicold Syberia unit means the eCool version effectively offers plug-and-play installation when combined with the power box, delivering more than 95% efficiency when converting energy from the electric driveline to power the refrigeration system. The complete setup also operates below the PIEK standard of 60 db(A), which, in addition to its emissions credentials, means it offers the ultimate solution to tightening inner city and urban regulations, while also creating a more harmonious working environment for drivers.

The new Syberia eCool will support Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, which include helping its customers avoid more than 1 gigaton of greenhouse gas emissions.