Certa’s fuel delivery vehicles now running on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)


Certa, one of Ireland’s largest fuel distributors, have transitioned their fleet of delivery vehicles from running on diesel to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

The move will see Certa’s entire fleet of over 100 trucks run on the biofuel by the end of March following a successful trial in 2022. Collectively, Certa’s fleet travels over 3,000,000 km annually and the switch to GD+ HVO is the equivalent of reducing its fleet to 9 trucks in terms of carbon emissions output.

The fuel itself, as the name suggests, is produced from waste plant matter, and emits no new carbon into the atmosphere. Compared with regular diesel, HVO offers a reduction in carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Part of DCC Plc., Certa distributes heating oil from 22 depots across Ireland as well as supplying commercial fuels & lubricants to a wide range of businesses nationwide. In 2022, the company started to supply hydrotreated vegetable oil to a range of sectors in Ireland as a sustainable alternative fuel to regular diesel.

Fabian Ziegler, CEO of DCC Energy, said “We want to be a real decarbonisation leader, so renewable fuels are incredibly important to us. The big advantage of HVO is that our customers can use it without going through much change, and there are no switch costs so for us this fuel is eminently important.“