Chill Study reveals the best Service Stations in Ireland


A new study from Chill Insurance has revealed the best service stations in Ireland. Analysing factors such as cleanliness, amenities, catering options, and electric car charger points, the superior service stations have been determined.

The top three service stations in Ireland are:

  1. Lusk Service Station, Dublin

Taking the crown as the best service station in Ireland is Lusk Service Station in Dublin, thanks to having the most amenities, from showers to play areas. You can be fully equipped for the journey ahead and enjoy a full belly at Lusk Service Station.

  1. Junction 14 Mayfield, Texaco, Co. Kildare

If you’re travelling between Dublin, Cork, or the South-West, Junction 14 Mayfield is the perfect spot to stop off, refill and recharge. With 10 food places including Subway, Papa John’s and Spar, Junction 14 Mayfield has the largest range of catering, making it the best service station in Ireland for foodies.

  1. Athlone Services, Moate, Co. Westmeath

Our study found that Athlone Services is the third-best service station in Ireland. Got a really long journey? Freshen up in the showers. Hosting four main amenities and being the fourth most popular station, Athlone takes third place.