Correct Trailer cleaning saves 200 to 300 kg in weight


Did you know that by cleaning the underside of your trailer correctly, you can save on average 200 to 300 kg in weight? Regular cleaning does not only make your trailer look good, it also helps reducing its weight significantly. For example, if we assume saving 200 kg per journey and 1.5 journeys a day, on an annual basis you will be able to transport 90 tons more. Most of these additional kilos are hidden underneath the trailer. Below you can find handy tips about how to best clean the underside of your trailer.

Knapen Trailers’ specialists are always happy to give you advice and tips about how to correctly clean your moving-floor trailer. Regular cleaning does not only keep your trailer tidy, it also offers you financial benefits:
1. Inside cleaning – Prevents high repair costs:
Regularly clean the inside and upper rails  of your trailer.  Read everything on this subject in our previous editions of Tips for Drivers: ‘Save money by cleaning on time‘ and ‘maintenance of upper rails‘.
2. Underside cleaning – Significantly reduces weight:
Clean the underside of your trailer and save 200 – 300 kg in weight, on every journey. Read more about this topic in this issue of Tips for Drivers.
3. Outside cleaning – Improves the remaining value of your trailer:
Clean the outside and maintain the paint in top condition. We will tell you more on this subject in the next issue of Tips for Drivers. You will receive this together with the summer edition of our digital newsletter.
Clean the underside of your trailer

Subject to your load, the itinerary and weather conditions, dirt and pollution can build up under your trailer. This dirt piles up day by day, both visibly and invisibly. Timely cleaning prevents corrosion and ensures the underlying materials are not affected. This avoids unnecessary costs.

You can remove this dirt with a high-pressure cleaner. Cleaning is simple, but it does take a little bit of time. You can take care of it yourself, or you could outsource it to a service workshop if you prefer.
Do you know which areas should not be forgotten when cleaning the underside of your trailer?

1. Behind the bumper

chauf-tip-1-4940-met-kg-1 chauf-tip-14-5049-met-vink-copy

2. In the chassis and on the cables

chauf-tip-14-4948-met-kg-copy chauf-tip-14-5055-met-kleine-vink-copy


3. On the chassis

chauf-tip-14-4950-met-kg chauf-tip-14-5065-met-kleine-vink-copy


4. On the cross members and inside the bottom edge

chauf-tip-14-4954-in-kg chauf-tip-14-5059-met-kleine-vink


5. Behind the bridge of the CargoFloor system

chauf-tip-14-4959-met-kg-copy chauf-tip-14-5068-met-kleine-vind-copy


6. On/around the CargoFloor system itself

chauf-tip-14-4967-met-kg-copy chauf-tip-14-5075-met-kleine-vink

7. On the air tank

chauf-tip-14-4980-met-kg-copy chauf-tip-14-luchttank-copy

8. On top of the CargoFloor system cylinders and the connection section.
NB. The photo below pictures the top side of the CargoFloor system without floor boards. You can also remove (most of) the dirt from the bottom with a high-pressure cleaner.

chauf-tip-14-5026-met-kg-copy chauf-tip-14-4990-met-kleine-vink


Always respect local legislation regarding waste flows and environmental standards when cleaning your trailer.