Covid 19 Update: Drivers unprotected in PORTUGAL

transportation In Portugal

Boarders are closed with Spain. Lisbon airport is almost shut down. Only used for emergency flights. TAP airline maintains some connections with the islands.

Covid-19 cases are increasing.Concerning transportation – In Portugal, in fact, care was taken on the part of those who govern, to maintain maximum weekly work and minimum daily rest limits.

In other European countries, the suspension of rules on driving times and rest was much broader. In any case, it should be said, that neither ANTRAM’s (that represent the drivers) authorities and associated companies do not intend to receive from its drivers to do more work beyond normal.

ANTRAM is essentially focused on maintaining the jobs at this time which is also very delicate for the companies.

The fleets of most companies are virtually at a standstill, loses are high, with no solution in sight and only in a state of union between companies and workers.

Solutions have to be found that allow the survival of companies and jobs. Drivers are complaining that they don’t have protection material and when they enter Portugal they are asked do self-isolate for 5 days, which they are not doing.

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