Covid 19 Update: Lockdown for 10 weeks in GREECE

prepare for complete isolation

All truck, bus and taxi drivers (not owners) receive €800 Euros cash from 1st of April without exception or terms.

Owners and companies get emergency funding, postponement of loan payments, tax exemptions etc.

How much and how soon changes every day. Borders situation: now closed completely between Turkey and Greece.

Relaxed driving hours, Code 95 etc as everywhere else. All technical inspection points closed. ADR permits extended.

The so-called curve looks okay here, but the tone of local chief epidemiologist is not very optimistic:

“Any comment on positive diagrams less infections, less this, less that is highly unreliable, self-fabricated and gives fake hopes.

Strongly suggested to all citizens to be prepared for ongoing complete house isolation, with zero contacts with anyone not living in the same household for at least 10 weeks”.

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