Coyote Logistics expands portfolio with one-stop-shop Post-Brexit Customs service


Coyote Logistics, a leading global logistics service provider, is expanding its portfolio by partnering with existing customs agents and adding a customs service for companies in the UK that already have a transportation solution for their freight to the European Union (EU). The launch of the new service is the company’s response to the increased demand for customs expertise, which after Brexit has become crucial. Since the UK withdrew from the EU’s single market and customs union, shipping freight across the English Channel has become more complex, error-prone and challenging because of the additional paperwork and declarations required.

Thanks to its cross-channel logistics solution combining transport and customs, Coyote Logistics already handles 8,000 to 9,000 declarations per year, emphasizing its wide experience and expertise in the field of customs.

But there is not always a need for a combined solution. That is why Coyote now also started to provide customs as a novel stand-alone service for customers in the UK, who wish to keep working with their current transportation provider but are looking for an experienced broker to support their customs processes. A dedicated and experienced in-house team based in Dover is available to offer guidance through the customs process and to assist customers with their customs-related concerns.

Coyote’s new customs service works as follows: firstly, customers have to deliver a sample commercial invoice as proof of sale. This commercial invoice includes their reasons for export and/or import, which gives a glimpse into where the customer may be phasing challenges currently. Secondly, based on the commercial invoice, customer complete necessary formalities enabling Coyote to arrange customs. Subsequently, the customer will need to provide Coyote with details of the truck, e.g. the truck number and how this truck would cross the channel. Next, when Coyote receives all the required details, they should request the export and the T1 transit document. As a final step, the driver will need to visit the inbound boarding facility to collect the copy. Apart from the abovementioned instructions, it is also possible to set up individually through CoyoteGO® and upload documents yourself. Coyote’s digital transport platform provides not only the ability to download the submitted documents from Coyote, but also trucking information on the transportation solutions offered.

“Since Brexit, shipping freight between the UK and the EU has become more complicated, involving a lot of paperwork and customs requirements. For exporters and importers on both sides of the channel, this means more time and effort, as well as an increased risk of delayed crossing and costly errors. One of our central aims at Coyote Logistics is to help customers overcome their post-Brexit hurdles. With the new one stop shop customs service, we are now expanding our portfolio to address customers in the UK, who are looking for new solutions only to their customs issues,” says Joep Kusters, Head of Europe, Coyote Logistics. 

Apart from the new stand-alone customs service for the UK, Coyote also provides transportation and customs support as one service offering integrated in its cross-channel logistics solution for EU countries. This enables companies to handle their road freight and customs needs with one single provider. In doing so, Coyote manages to neutralize the difficulties of cross-channel transportation for its customers by full ownership of the end-to-end shipping process. Next to providing solutions for export documentation and import clearance, Coyote offers real time visibility through CoyoteGO