DACHSER Ireland advances sustainable logistics with electric vehicle integration


High roof Ford E-Transit cargo vans underlines DACHSER’s commitment to its environmental responsibilities in Dublin city distribution

DACHSER Ireland is excited to reveal the successful integration of three high roof Ford E-Transit cargo van electric vehicles (EVs) into its Dublin city distribution operations. These electric vehicles have been in service for several months, catering primarily to the dynamic life science sector in the greater Dublin area.

The electric vehicles, seamlessly incorporated into DACHSER’s delivery services since their introduction, have brought about a transformative impact on our Dublin city distribution. Embracing electric mobility aligns with DACHSER’s goal of minimising the environmental footprint of its operations while ensuring the provision of efficient and reliable transportation solutions.

The electric Ford vans boast high roof cargo capacity, allowing for the efficient delivery of essential goods to the life science sector. With versatile cargo space, these vehicles significantly enhance our ability to meet the unique logistical requirements of our valued customers in the pharmaceutical, medical and hazardous industries in an environmentally sustainable way.

First Of Their Kind In Irish Distribution

A standout feature of the electric vans is their compliance with ADR regulations, marking them as the first of their kind in Irish distribution. This underscores DACHSER’s market leading position in Ireland in the transportation of hazardous materials whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

The integration of these electric vehicles has already resulted in a substantial reduction of 32,000 kg in our annual carbon footprint. This achievement aligns with the company’s long-term sustainability objectives.

John Van den Berg, Managing Director of DACHSER Ireland, expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing project, stating, “The introduction of these electric vehicles into our operations marks a significant milestone. This investment reaffirms our commitment to sustainable logistics and positions DACHSER as a pioneer of environmentally friendly solutions in the Irish logistics industry. Through the adoption of electric mobility, we’ve made substantial strides in reducing our carbon emissions while consistently delivering exceptional service to our valued customers in the life science sector and beyond.”