Domestic & International Freight Transport in the Czech Republic in the depths of Coronavirus


ITOY jury member Milan Olsansky presents a summary about road transport conditions in the Czech Republic, which has been seriously affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, plus information on border controls. 

National freight transport is not restricted
Until the end of the emergency, it is allowed to drive trucks on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Exceptions to compliance with the regulations on safety breaks, driving times and rest periods – No. 561/2006
In accordance with Article 14 (2) of Regulation No 561/2006, the Czech Republic has made use of the possibility to grant an exemption from the rules on safety breaks, driving times and rest periods, and to all drivers affected by the declared State of Emergency and emergency measures at border crossing points. Forced waiting in the queus allowed to deviate from these times, provided that the reason, time and place of the deviation are recorded on a digital tachograph printout or on an analogue tachograph record sheet and that deviations from these times do not endanger road safety. The exception is valid from 16.3.2020 00:00 for a period of 30 days.

As of March 23, 2020, the operation of the points of sale of the Electronic Toll System was limited. Specifically, there was a reduction in traffic at contact and distribution points. At the same time, it is not possible to return on-board units at distribution points. These restrictions will last until further notice.

No overtaking for Commercial Vehicles (CV) over 3.5 tonnes
From 19 March 2020, 18:00 for 60 days, overtaking for CVs over 3.5 tonnes is prohibited on the border sections of the D1, D2, D5, D8 and D11 motorways. the limit was set in the following sections:
• D1 motorway from km 366,300 on the right (direction of the State border)
• D2 motorway from km 35,000 on the right (direction of the State border)
• D5 motorway from km 136,300 on the right (direction of the border)
• D8 motorway from km 86,900 on the right (direction of the State border) and from the State border after km 88,200 on the left (direction Prague, due to inspections by the Police of the Czech Republic)
• D11 motorway from km 76,650 on the right (direction of the State border or road I / 33).

Exceptions to this prohibition are vehicles used in:
1. the carriage of perishable goods, where such goods occupy or occupy at least one half of the volume of the load space of the vehicle or combination of vehicles
2. transport of live animals
3. transport of fuels intended for continuous supply of fuel filling stations
4. transport of postal items
5. transportation of medical and biological material, drugs and material for their production
The reason for this restriction is the elimination of the formation of queues at border crossings and the preference for selected transport, which by its nature requires it.

International freight transport

International transport of goods is allowed (it is possible) as opposed to individual travel abroad. When crossing the border, it may be recommended that drivers prove that they have a professional driver’s license, order or invoice proving that the journey abroad is intended to import / bringing goods and it is recommended that they have an employment contract with them to prove their relationship with the employer.

Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes
Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes must prove at the border
• that it is a vehicle of category N (eg a technical certificate),
• that it is a transport carried out in connection with the carrier’s business, whether for someone else’s own or his own use (eg in the form of a proof of cargo, invoice or order)
• the relationship of the person driving the vehicle to the carrier (in the form of an employment contract or a certificate for international transport staff)
• extract from the trade register (if self-employed)
• The driver needs a certificate for international transport staff


Border crossings for freight transport (mode 24/7)
Dolní Dvořiště – Wullowitz
České Velenice – Gmünd – Böhmzeil – only for freight transport up to 3.5 t
Nová Bystřice – Grametten
Hate – Kleinhaugsdorf
Mikulov – Drasenhofen

Guard – Phillippsreut
Pomezí nad Ohří – Schirnding
Rozvadov- Waidhaus (highway)
Folmava – Furth im Wald / Schafberg
Iron Ore – Bayerisch Eisenstein
Beautiful Forest – Breitenau (highway)
Hora Sv. Of Sebastian – Reitzenhain

Harrachov – Jakuszyce
Nachod – Kudowa-Slone
Bartultovice – Trzebina
Bohumin – Nowe Chalupki
Věřňovice – Gorzyczki
Boguszowice -Chotěbuz
Královec – Lubawka (ban on vehicles over 9t)
Mikulovice – Głucholazy
Závada – Golkowice (max. 9t and max. Height 3.4 m)

Mosty u Jablunkova – Svrčinovec
Bumbálka – Makov
Střelná – Lysá pod Makytou
Brumov-Bylnice – Horni Srnie
Starý Hrozenkov – Drietoma
Strání – Moravské Lieskové – only Czech and Slovak carriers
Velká nad Veličkou – Vrbovce – only Czech and Slovak carriers
Sudoměřice-new road – Skalica
Břeclav – Brodské – freight N1
Hodonín – Holíč – only carriers of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

by Milan Olsansky, Editor, Trucker magazine, Czech Republic