DPD Ireland launches ‘Picture Proof of Delivery’ for Parcels

Parcel delivery company DPD Ireland has taken customer satisfaction to a new level by introducing photographic proof of package delivery. The new approach aims to enhance transparency, boost customer confidence, and streamline the delivery process.

DPD Ireland said the photo evidence service will offer customers the peace of mind of knowing that their packages have been successfully delivered. The company’s dedicated drivers are equipped to capture images of packages at the recipient destination, providing a visual confirmation of successful delivery.

The introduction of this service not only ensures customer satisfaction but also empowers recipients to verify whether their awaited packages have indeed reached their intended destination.

By leveraging technology, DPD Ireland says it has addressed the need for delivery certainty while upholding stringent data privacy regulations.

To achieve General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, DPD Ireland invested over €150,000 into the development of a secure and cloud-based solution. This solution captures and scans real-time images of delivered packages. These images are then carefully modified to blur any identifiable personal information, such as faces, car registration plates, children, and door numbers. Both senders and recipients can access these blurred images, ensuring privacy while maintaining the benefits of transparency.

The successful realisation of this project is the result of a collaborative effort between the company’s in-house IT team and the expertise of software company Baltic Amadeus. Over the course of nine months, the teams worked diligently to create a seamless and efficient system that has garnered enthusiastic feedback from customers.

In addition to providing clarity for customers, this innovative approach has translated into practical benefits as well. By capturing photographic proof of delivery, DPD Ireland has managed to streamline its operations, resulting in a remarkable 20% reduction in delivery time. This improved efficiency contributes to increased productivity across the entire delivery process.

“We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary enhancement to our delivery services,” said DPD Ireland Chief Executive Des Travers. “This development is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction, data privacy, and innovation. With the introduction of photo proof of delivery, we are taking a significant step forward in redefining the delivery experience.”

DPD Ireland’s photo proof of delivery service is now available nationwide across all 35 depots.