eMobility at FCA’s Fiat Professional with Arcese


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the Arcese Group – a leading company in the logistics and international transportation sector – have signed an agreement for Arcese to use a pre-launch prototype of the new E-Ducato, the first ‘full-electric’ model by Fiat Professional, designed for road first and last mile transportation.

The partnership between FCA and the Arcese Group bears witness to the two companies’ commitment to a constant quest for innovative solutions to meet the needs of their clients, and to give fresh impetus to the restart of the Italian economy. FCA is contributing by developing transport solutions dedicated entirely to sustainable mobility.
The new E-Ducato is the result of this commitment and fully meets Arcese’s expectations: rapid distribution services in the city and ‘near-urban’ areas, focused on reliability and most of all on sustainability, by reducing emissions into the atmosphere.
At a meeting recently held at the FCA Safety Center in Orbassano, Fiat Professional (represented by Domenico Gostoli, Head of LCV Electrification Programs) and the Fleet & Business Sales team (led by Ubaldo Della Penna) presented the new E-Ducato to the Arcese Group senior management. With this new model, Fiat Professional aims to offer comprehensive electric mobility solutions which – taking an analysis of energy demand as a starting point – can both cover every single task and provide answers ranging from the vehicle to infrastructure, not to mention a whole range of the everyday services increasingly required by a new and emerging mobility.
Domenico Gostoli commented: “In line with its brand mission focused on light commercial vehicles, Fiat Professional is proud to be able to respond in a timely manner to the sustainable mobility needs of as prestigious a client as Arcese, a historic leader in the world of international transportation. The combination of the two Groups’ professionalism is a fundamental key element in the integration of two businesses with complementary needs, both oriented toward the same goal of environmental sustainability.”
In a typical city-based ‘delivery mission’ cycle, E-Ducato offers ranges from 200 to over 360 kilometers in normal environmental conditions depending on battery type, with a variety of charging configurations. The new electric motor does not penalize the load volume, still best-in-class in the Large Van segment: from 10 to 17 cubic meters, with a similarly best-in-class payload of up to 1,950 kilograms.
The E-Ducato was therefore created to meet new sustainable transportation requirements, by simplifying the daily life of haulage workers, who are now more and more often faced with ‘obstacles’ such as restricted traffic zones in major urban centers. As part of the new partnership, a pilot application from November will enable Arcese to use a prototype E-Ducato fitted with a 47 kWh battery for deliveries in central Milan, from the Arcese hub in Basiano. In a short period of time, the trial will enable FCA to collect useful feedback and driving data on the new vehicle, which would have only come to light after a much longer period of post-launch use by clients. FCA will therefore be able to accurately identify client profiles based on daily mission data and thus offer them the best possible tailor-made product. At the same time, the trial will provide Arcese with the opportunity to evaluate E-Ducato upgrades to its fleet of vehicles with low environmental impact for first and last mile.
“We are proud to be one of the first logistics operators to take part in this pilot phase, based on a partnership that we can say is at the genuine forefront of electrification,” said Matteo Arcese, Executive President of the Arcese Group. “This is a multi-year collaboration, in which we are engaged not only as FCA clients, but also as a provider of transportation and logistics services for some of the Group’s brands. For us, the E-Ducato is now an important piece in the jigsaw of our work aimed at achieving the goal we set ourselves in line with European Union policies and legislative initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the haulage industry. This serves as further confirmation of our company’s commitment to representing a socially responsible business model.”
According to Roberto Di Stefano, Head of e-Mobility at FCA, relations with Arcese “are a consolidation of many years of productive cooperation and mutual understanding. Our long-term collaboration has helped us develop innovative ideas that can make the difference to the mobility of the future. Freight transport is a key element in a complex and constantly changing landscape. This new partnership with Arcese will enable us to work to the best of our abilities to rethink and improve the future of mobility.”