EU Mobility Package flies in the face of environmental targets – FTAI


Following the final adoption of the EU Mobility Package this week, Aidan Flynn, General Manager of the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI), commented:

“As the business group representing the Irish logistics sector, the FTAI is disappointed with the final Mobility Package. While the objectives of the package are commendable, the views of industry on how to achieve them have been disregarded; this will lead to unintended consequences. The rules laid out surrounding cabotage will put pressure on the business case of international transport, even in countries whose hauliers cannot be suspected of predatory competition based on low wages. Besides, as per the revised rules, a vehicle must return to the member state of establishment every eight weeks. This will lead to inefficiencies in the transport system and an increase in emissions, pollution, and congestion. This will be hugely detrimental to the EU’s ability to meet its goal to become climate neutral by 2050; it also flies in the face of European Green Deal. The mobility package will have far reaching consequences for international and national transport operations over the coming years; an impact assessment must be carried out as a matter of urgency.”

“While there is merit in introducing legislation to facilitate a level playing field and improve the working conditions of drivers, the phased introduction of measures relating to driving hours, cabotage rules, posting of workers, operator licencing for international van operations and return home rules will be a lot to take in for operators, many of whom are already struggling to keep up with the administrative burden imposed by regulatory requirements.”