Eurotunnel Border Pass: The SMART way to cross the border 

The Eurotunnel Border pass is an innovative service that allows your company to transfer border information to the relevant authorities’ systems and to link your Eurotunnel online booking, in advance of your crossing.

You and your driver can therefore enjoy the many benefits it offers:

A faster and hassle-free journey 

On arrival at Pit Stop, your vehicles are automatically recognised. As we already have the data, your drivers have nothing to provide, hence saving valuable time.

► A flexible and convenient tool 

You can create or amend a Border Pass up to 30 minutes before arrival on our terminal, so whilst yours drivers are on their way to our terminals, the information is automatically transferred.

► Reliable and secure data

The information is directly submitted from your back office experts and does not rely on the driver’s input.

How does it work?

Simply log on to your online account at, click on “Border Pass” and follow the easy steps as requested by linking it to a booking.

You can also view the detailed user guide by clicking on the link below:

Eurotunnel Border Pass user guide
or click on the link below to view the video.
Note: Eurotunnel Border Pass is only available to account holders who make online bookings via their dedicated account.

An EDI solution is also available for Eurotunnel Border Pass. To enquire or if you don’t yet have access to this online service, please do not hesitate to contact our Freight Commercial teams.  Alternatively, you can contact your account manager for any queries.

Also, don’t forget to visit our dedicated Brexit Information and updates page which is regularly updated.