Geotab & Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services come new fleet integrated telematics offering


New solution supports improved fleet management by seamlessly incorporating vehicle data from Mercedes-Benz vehicles and vans into MyGeotab platform 

To highlight its continued commitment to innovation and delivering turnkey telematics solutions, Geotab a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, has teamed up with  Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services to offer integrated solutions. This new OEM telematics program is available to order for Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles and vans across 20 countries in Europe.

This combined product offering enables Geotab and Mercedes-Benz customers to take advantage of the Geotab platform without the need for additional hardware or after-market installations, helping to provide fleet managers with peace of mind knowing that their fleets can be readily equipped with the latest telematics advancements. Designed to help more informed and faster decision-making for fleets, this integration solution seamlessly transmits key vehicle data points and relevant fleet indicators from Mercedes-Benz vehicles to MyGeotab, Geotab’s open and expandable fleet management platform. The joint solution can provide extensive OEM data, including OEM-specific warnings that can help enable fleets to keep their vehicles moving and generate revenue.

“Like Geotab, Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services understands not only how important data is for successful fleet management, but the importance of being able to seamlessly integrate and analyse this valuable data so that organisations have access to truly actionable insights — to help support sustainability, safety and productivity improvements,” Edward Kulperger, Senior Vice President, Geotab Europe. “We are proud to be the first global telematics partner of Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services and know that by integrating our core competencies with Mercedes-Benz connected vehicles, businesses large and small will greatly benefit by being able make better-informed, data-driven decisions to better run their fleet operations all within one common platform.”

The Geotab and Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services integrated solution enables fleet managers to have a single view of their entire fleet to help better analyse fleet-generated data, which can be used to reduce fleet costs, increase productivity and efficiency, improve safety and sustainability and strengthen compliance. The solution provides users with access to powerful MyGeotab tools such as activity reports, trip history, GPS tracking, fuel consumption, engine system information and more. In addition, fleet managers will have the opportunity to access the Geotab Marketplace, a portfolio of mobile apps, hardware Add-Ons and software Add-Ins that enable Geotab customers to further customise their fleet management solution.

“We are pleased to be working directly with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, a renowned automotive brand at the forefront of providing premier connected fleet options to organisations across Europe,” said Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab. “This collaboration is aligned with Geotab’s long-standing commitment to further advancing the global adoption of best-in-breed telematics solutions by partnering with global OEMs who believe in the power that data can provide to customers. Both Geotab and Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services are committing to a long-term partnership, which will include collaboration on global trends such as electric vehicles and fleet sharing.”