GINAF Trucks goes Dutch again after management buy-out


Ownership of GINAF Trucks Nederland BV is back in Dutch hands after a management buy-out. The company was bought from the Veenendaal-based specialist heavy-duty and construction industry truck brand, owned by  the Chinese CHTC company has been taken over by the incumbent management, consisting of Dirk Inia, Jan-Willem van der Krol and Michelle Yang. Roeland van der Woude has been appointed as managing director and co-shareholder for the management of the company. Mr. Van der Woude has extensive experience within the national and international manufacturing industry. Discussions are being held with various parties to further strengthen the market position.


Van Ginkel’s Automobile Factories

GINAF is originally a Dutch company that dates back to 1948 when the van Ginkel brothers started a company in the trade and repair of trucks. The name stands for Van Ginkel’s Automobiel Fabrieken. The company developed into a leading player in the market for special vehicles, especially for construction applications. As a result of the construction crisis at the beginning of this century, CHTC’s automotive arm was able to take over the company in 2011. Over the past eight years, CHTC has led and invested in new markets and technology, such as electric propulsion vehicles. CHTC has now shifted its focus and decided to withdraw from GINAF. The takeover is independent of the developments surrounding the procurement public transport concession IJssel-Vecht.

The management, which has worked for GINAF for a long time, has joined forces and drawn up a business plan. This has led to a successful takeover. GINAF is now back in Dutch hands. After the takeover, GINAF’s focus will be back on the Dutch and European market, providing innovative and sustainable transport solutions, such as Wide Spread axle assemblies and Zero Emission drives. Currently GINAF uses DAF Trucks and Ford Trucks drivetrains and chassis/cabs for its application modifications.