GLS: Networks continue to connect Europe; New contactless delivery system


Express ecommerce led parcel service providers have a crucial role to play in the Coronavirus crisis by providing essential logistic services facilitating the flow of goods. GLS continues to provide parcel shipping services in all countries in which the Group operates keeping local communities across Europe and North America connected at this critical time.

“As a parcel service provider we help communities across Europe and North America to continue to be supplied with goods. The current border closures in Europe only apply to the movement of people in order to limit the spread of the pandemic. The free movement of goods within Europe is not affected, although increased checks at border crossings may result in backlogs and longer transit times,” explained Saadi Al-Soudani, Group International MD at GLS.

All GLS companies continue to deliver parcels – even in countries severely affected by the pandemic. In some postcodes restrictions may apply due to local official measures. The latest up to date information on delivery restrictions can be found on the GLS Group website.

“We have installed task forces at national and international levels. The international task force is continuously adjusting our international routes according to the latest circumstances at borders and in individual countries,” said Saadi. “Cross-border services are available across our entire European network and our international long-distance line hauls are stable,” he added.

As many companies are currently closed, GLS requests parcel senders to check in advance whether consignees are open and able to receive parcels. Where delivery is not possible, GLS has to return parcels to senders as it is not able to offer storage services. GLS companies have implemented procedures to safeguard the health of their employees, partners and consignees. These include offering recipients contactless delivery options in all countries.