Goodyear invites transportation industry to rethink retreading

*Retreading has never been more relevant 
*Supporting a more sustainable and efficient future
In the current environment, rethinking retreading is even more relevant than before. On top of the European climate Fit-for-55 plan, urging to become increasingly greener, the industry is also faced with an increasing cost impact.

According to the Sustainable Reality Survey three out of four fleets recognised carbon footprint reduction as an important issue and 42% of fleets are using retreaded tyres as well as taking other sustainability focused actions.

Marc Preedy, Managing Director Replacement for Commercial Europe explained: “The survey showed that our customers want to be part of the circular economy, supporting sustainability, yet also driving value for their end-customers. With 42% of surveyed fleets currently using retreaded tyres. On top, the European Commission’s ‘Green Deal’ aims to make the continent carbon-neutral by 2050. Representing a clear opportunity to make further sustainability gains.  Our latest innovative generation tyres and fleet management solutions equip fleets to lower emissions without adding complexity in the daily operations. The Goodyear Retreading program will help drive further progress in overall fleet sustainability.”

Leading transport companies that use the Goodyear Retreading solutions can cut overall tyre bills by 10% and extend tyre life by an additional 150 %, more than double than the first life a new tyre. While using the existing resources as much as possible the Goodyear Retreading process uses 56 % less crude oil for manufacturing.

Goodyear Retreading gives tyres multiple lives, being regroovable, retreadable and again regroovable.  The offer can be customized to the specific needs. Tyres can be managed so fleets can select to only retread their own casings, or they can opt to join a casing exchange program. Fleets can choose from TreadMax tyres, which use the latest generation of casing technology as well as fuel-efficient and low emission tread innovations, or NextTread which offers standardised tyre patterns and a wider range of products.

“For decades, fleet operators have trusted Goodyear TreadMax and NextTread retreads to reduce the total cost of operation. Now, combined with our end-to-end Goodyear Total Mobility fleet management offer, the Goodyear Retreading solution goes a step further in helping operators support their sustainability objectives. The high residual value of the premium Goodyear casing makes this process sustainable from both a financial and environmental perspective.” added Preedy.

Further sustainability gains can be achieved within the Goodyear Total Mobility value proposition when combining retreading with low emission tyres like FUELMAX ENDURANCE and smart tyre monitoring solutions as well as FleetOnlineSolutions to create a sustainable and efficient tyre management package for fleet operators.

Optimizing end-to-end 

In recent months, Goodyear has intensified the collaboration with local casing handling partners. This includes investment in state-of-the art shearography inspection equipment for even more accurate non-destructive inspection. Ultimately resulting in less scrapping and waste, contributing to successful data-based circular economy practices.

While working with certified local casing partners, Goodyear is optimizing the end-to-end logistics of casing handling:

  • With the help of eCasing, casing data is entered and monitored automatically, so no  double handling or manual data entry. The casing app is very intuitive supporting all retreading business models and with full mobile tracking of Customer Owned Casings and Casing Exchange flows. Via the customer dashboard the app gives easy visibility of all documentation relevant to the customer – such as casing return notes or, casing purchase orders.
  • Casings are inspected locally instead of being shipped for a central inspection.  Only accepted casings are sent to Goodyear’s retreading facilities, no redundant shipping of non-conforming casings across Europe.