Group known as Irish Truckers & Haulage Association to protest in Dublin against fuel prices

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A nationwide protest is being organised for tomorrow by a haulage group that is not supported by the IRHA.  As this is an unofficial protest, organisers are not engaging with An Garda Síochána, so exact details of what will happen on the day are not available. The latest information that they have posted online is as below.

Please note that it has been previously been reported that they wish to block all ports, motorways, and cities, so the protest may not be confined to Dublin.

Meeting Points For Commercial Vehicles Convoy Around Dublin On Wednesday 24th

🇮🇪 M1 Services Lusk North & South

Meet For 6AM Leave In Convoy 7AM

🇮🇪 M2 Ashbourne Retail Park

Meet For 6AM Leave In Convoy 7AM

🇮🇪 M3 Park Car Park, M3 Maxol & Damonstown Way

Meet 6AM Leave 7AM

🇮🇪 M4 Kinnegad Plaza Services

Meet 6AM Leave In Convoy 6.40AM

🇮🇪 M7 Toughers Industrial Estate Naas

Meet 6AM Leave In Convoy 7AM

🇮🇪 M11 Applegreen Services Wicklow Exit 14

Meet 6AM Leave In Convoy 6.45AM

The Irish Road Haulage Association would like to make it clear that it has no affiliation or partnership with this group known as Irish Truckers & Haulage Association against fuel prices.

This group have copied and pasted to their social media page press statements, sentences of radio interviews from its President and have copied and pasted its Logo from  members news articles. They are posting these items to their social media site without knowing the fullness of detail. This is a fringe group and had nothing to do with the Irish Road Haulage Association.