Harmful NOx emissions from HGVs slashed by 72% since 2013 -Road Haulage Association


A new report from the UK’ Road Haulage Association (RHA) reveals that nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from HGVs in Great Britain have fallen by at least 72 percent since 2013.

The Association in its NOx Emission Assessment 2022 stated that £2.2bn haulage industry investment in Euro 6 trucks since 2014 has largely driven the improvement. By 2025, NOx emissions from trucks are set to have fallen by 82 percent without restrictive measures on trucks, according to RHA modelling. Despite the huge progress the industry has made to reduce its emissions CAZ  policies still disproportionately target HGVs.

Trucks are responsible for less than eight percent of roadside NOx yet in some cases are hit with daily charges to enter some cities, where more effective measures could be brought in to reduce emissions.

The RHA urges the UK Government to amend this framework to ensure that no charges are levied on trucks of less than 12 years old, or buses/coaches less than 16 years old.

Richard Smith, RHA Managing Director, said: “There are still misconceptions about HGVs and our industry’s commitment to adopting cleaner air technologies. We’ve all got a long way to go but these figures show that we’re making huge strides in reducing harmful emissions from our fleets. We urge policymakers to recognise this progress and target emissions reduction in fairer and more effective ways.”