High volume bodies from Schmitz Cargobull


The German trailer and bodybuilder Schmitz Cargobull has put renewed focus on its M.CS & Z.CS truck and trailer bodies meeting customer demands for improved cost benefits. Better payload is now offered as 500 kg has been shaved off the overall weight of the curtainsider combination in relation to the previous generation. Through new chassis design and layout, 100 kg has been taken out of the truck body and 400 kg from the twin-axle (centrally placed) trailer.

Schmitz CargobullAn overall height of 4 metres has been maintained with an internal working height of 3 metres. Total length is 18.75m. A lifting roof can be specified. As the development uses standard components from the Schmitz Cargobull trailer range, spare parts availability is not an issue. The unladen weight of the trailer is 4,350kg. Both bodies pictured are of the same length at 7.7 metres and can carry 18 pallets in this configuration. A demountable system based on the same concept is being worked on.
As road networks across Europe continue to improve (including Ireland), uptake in rigid truck and trailer combinations will increase and Schmitz Cargobull is ready to take orders!

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