hoopoLogic Trailer Tracking Solution


Power & Cost-Effective Tracking for Non-Powered Assets

hoopo, provider of low-power tracking solutions, has announced the launch of its hoopoLogic Trailer tracking solution. The new solution gives fleet owners unprecedented control over their operations using a cloud-based ‘Plug & Play’ tracking solution.

The hoopoLogic Trailer tracking solution transforms non-powered assets (such as de-coupled trailers) into smart manageable systems. With five minutes and a couple screws, the rugged hoopoSenseC tracking device can be attached to any trailer, chassis or container. It then provides the location of the trailers and can alert fleet managers of key events such as dispatch or arrival at a location, lack of movement or exit from a pre-defined area (geo-fence). The data is easily accessible via the web-based hoopoDashboard both from desktop and mobile (APIs are also available).


The hoopoSenseC trackers use advanced algorithms to autonomously activate, record and report location, based on different configurable rules. Thus, ensuring years of power-efficiency before batteries need to be replaced or recharged.

The new reality created by COVID-19 highlights the need for truckload carriers to operate in a lean and agile way; it also forS6ced businesses to focus on efficiency, using resources as wisely as possible to navigate an extremely unpredictable market. Minimization of costs and rapid response to market changes have become essential skills as every business works to cope with demand fluctuations and maintain successful operations.

Therefore, truckload carriers are working to implement new technologies to ensure optimal asset utilization. The top performers are focusing not only on tracking trailers but also monetizing their movements through auditing customer usage and monitoring trailer turns and dwell-times. Implementing a telematic tracking solution significantly assists in this goal, optimizing trailer utilization by generating and analyzing location-based data.

Solution Highlights:

Plug and Play

Easy retrieval of trailers using location tracking

No infrastructure required

✓ Data-based insights accessible through a web platform or API for easy integration with existing systems

✓ Full (complete) data recovery

✓Different location technologies (LP-GPS, Wi-Fi sniffing)

✓ Various communication networks/connectivity technologies – 4G, LoRa (WAN), LTE-CATM

Main Benefits:

• Gain complete visibility of (coupled/de-coupled) trailer fleet

• Optimize fleet utilization

• Improve trailer allocation

• Ensure contract compliance

• Prevent asset misplacement & loss

• Eliminate manual search and save valuable workforce

• Assist data-driven procurement and maintenance decisions

• Cost-effective solution