How DKV Euro Service can support during COVID‐19


DKV Euro Service, one of the leading mobility service providers for the logistics and transport industry, offers a comprehensive range of services for commercial vehicle fleets throughout Europe. Due to COVID‐19, many borders have been closed and international transport has seen a serious decline. Neil White, Sales Team Manager for DKV in the United Kingdom & Ireland, explains how DKV can be of help in these difficult times.

What is the current situation in the United Kingdom and Ireland regarding Transport & Fleet?

Many companies now change to domestic transport and are travelling more within the country. In typical spirit of the British and Irish, if there is no international business, they are finding the work closer to home. Thankfully DKV is able to assist domestically too.

What does DKV offer to support these companies within the United Kingdom & Ireland?

In the UK, DKV offers cards that provides free access to UK Fuels and Key Fuels networks. In Ireland, our own card is accepted at nearly 300 stations, with great discounts at the major brands. The DKV card also saves time and work, because operators/drivers can have a quick and easy overview of the administration at any moment in the online portal called The DKV Cockpit, to get one clear, monthly invoice for all different products. It’s basically: ‘you drive, we care’.

When choosing DKV, will operators have a direct contact person to answer questions?

When working with DKV, operators/drivers will have personal contact with someone within their region. Our team of Field‐Based Account Managers are based across the whole of the UK and Ireland, and are ready to meet with customers old and new once again, taking social distancing into account, of course.

What do you predict for the future?

As we begin to work our way out of this crisis, all businesses have a lot of catching up to do. DKV is the service provider which will ease the burden more than ever for the British or Irish operator planning to return to mainland Europe. For international travel check out the DKV BOX EUROPE, the key to seven countries including Germany. With the DKV BOX EUROPE there is need for only one toll box for all journeys through Europe in future. All toll transactions will be shown on a single, integrated DKV invoice. Besides that it provides quick and easy toll registration via the DKV website and it automatically switches countries over the air. Read more about it here.

In case of any questions, contact any of the DKV team listed below:

Neil White, Sales Team Manager UK & Ireland – Neil.White@dkv‐

Charlie O’Reilly, Sales Area Manager Ireland – Charlie.OReilly@dkv‐

Nick Holt, Sales Area Manager UK – Nick.Holt@dkv‐

Jessica Hill, Sales Area Manager UK – Jessica.Hill@dkv‐

Ross Dunkley, Sales Area Manager UK – Ross.Dunkley@dkv‐

Ash Downton, Sales Area Manager UK – Ash.Downton@dkv‐