Hultsteins win Industry Innovation Award in race to replace diesel 


At this year’s Scottish Transport News Northern Rewards, UK/Swedish sustainable transport refrigeration manufacturer, Hultsteins received the award for Innovation. Accepted by UK Managing Director Graham Usher, the award was for the ingenuity lying behind Hultsteins’ ‘diesel-free’ refrigeration electrical generator system, Ecogen.

Presenting the award, television presenter Sameena Ali-Khan said: “With the red diesel rebate ending, the race to replace diesel has been fierce. The judges were impressed that a quick solution was readily available which could significantly reduce the CO2 and running costs for the operator.”

Lightweight and easy to fit to any truck PTO (power take off), Ecofridge generates a constant 400 volts at idle speed to drive any existing trailer fridge unit during transit. Hultsteins say the system virtually eliminates fridge diesel consumption while reducing CO2 and harmful emissions by over 85-90%. Moreover, the company says that diesel fridge maintenance is drastically reduced, along with all associated costs and noise.

Graham Usher added: “Ecofridge is an affordable solution for temperature-controlled operators who need to get more from their assets while greatly reducing carbon and damage to the environment.”

Hultsteins is a family-owned company rooted in Sweden, that launched the first fossil-free hydraulic refrigeration unit in 1962. The company aims to offer optimal refrigerated transport technology that meets the most demanding customer requirements and to guarantee the same high standard of service and assistance. Today, Hultsteins manufactures hydraulic and electric refrigeration systems in the UK and Sweden and all products are designed for external mounting on the vehicle, to save cargo space.