Imbema presents revolutionary trailer lock with unlocking app at IAA Transportation 2022


Imbema will present the SBS Fox at the upcoming IAA Transportation event in Hannover, Germany. This revolutionary rear door lock does away with the disadvantages of mechanical locks. The SBS Fox requires neither a key nor batteries and is controlled by an app on a smartphone. 

SBS has been a strong brand in the transport security field for years. It carries a wide range of products, from the well-known mechanical Turtle to the electronic Inlock and the new Hornet security lock. But many carriers are looking for a solution that is somewhere in-between – which is where the Fox is positioned.

“The SBS Fox is a compact external lock that you open with an app on your phone. Unlocking is carried out using NFC or near-field communication: the same technology that a smartphone uses when you make contactless payments in shops,” explains Gertjan van der Veer, Product Development Manager at Imbema.

“The driver opens the app containing the code on his phone which he then holds next to the lock. The electronics unlock the internal mechanism via NFC so that the driver can then open the lock manually. No battery and no keys to lose – and therefore no need to keep a record of who has which key either. The standard of code encryption used is military-grade, i.e. extremely high so that codes cannot be read remotely. The Fox itself is virtually maintenance-free.”

That is not all that can be done via the app. The planner can program the app from his computer so that it remains locked during the journey and is only activated again after a certain period of time, for example. Then you don’t even need an Internet connection at your destination. But what is even safer, the planner can simply get the driver to call him when he arrives so that he doesn’t need to open the app again until then. Then the Internet connection will be required, of course. This function could also be carried out automatically at a later stage via geofencing.”

“With this lock, you can also charter out your secure trailer. The charterer downloads the app which the planner then activates for a certain time or until a certain date. After that, they will no longer be able to use it. It’s much easier than giving him a key and ideal for trailers that are swapped a lot.”

“The SBS Fox has yet another benefit”, says Van der Veer. “The lock has a slamlock function. When the driver closes his doors, the Fox immediately drops into the lock and the trailer is locked. So he can never forget to activate his lock. And because the lock sits on the outside of the door, fitting is quick and therefore cost-effective.”

The official launch of the new smart trailer lock will take place at the IAA. Imbema will be exhibiting its product range in Hall 25 on stand C71. Besides the new Fox, Imbema will also be exhibiting the new TAPA 1 certified electronic SBS Hornet trailer lock. A pneumatically operated pin lock fitted under the chassis, with extensive telematics functions such as remote locking and unlocking and geofencing.


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