Irish Exporters Association raises connectivity concerns for Exporters & Importers


Simon McKeever, the Chief Executive of the Irish Exporters Association (IEA)  has raised concerns about the lack of adequate rail connectivity for freight movements. The CEO’s comments come as a key rail link from Ballina to Dublin Port is suspended, impacting a number of companies on the west coast.

Commenting on the issue, Simon McKeever said: “Rail connectivity, particularly for freight movements, is crucial if the Government is to build on the interdependence of urban and rural areas through its recently published strategy for rural Ireland. I have concerns about how a decreasing number of rail routes for trade will impact the regional spread of enterprises throughout the country and indeed the aim of having more vibrant rural areas.

Interrelated is how the suspension works with the Government’s and the European Union’s (EU) climate action agendas. At present the Government is developing its 2021 Climate Plan and a ten-year Strategy Road Haulage sector – work that we very much welcome. I have concerns about how removing a key rial link for businesses fits into the Government’s overall aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.”