IVECO BUS: Leaders in sustainable mobility in 2020


2020 was a unique year and one in which Iveco Bus confirmed its leadership in the field of alternative-powered vehicles. Vehicles from the non-diesel engine low-floor urban range represented more than three quarters of production. A record for sustainable mobility!

2020 was a big win for non-diesel engine city buses that run on natural gas, in hybrid electric and in 100% electric mode. These alternative energies represented more than 77% of production, an increase of 17% compared to 2019. The natural gas-powered models saw their biggest growth, with one out of two urban buses powered by natural gas. Production of Crossway Natural Power intercity vehicles doubled, representing 10% of production.

This performance confirms Iveco Bus’s role as pioneer and expert and its capacity to offer clean transport solutions that meet the ever-increasing expectations of authorities, operators and citizens too, for vehicles that respect natural resources, the environment and public health, while providing operational versatility.

As major player in Europe, Iveco Bus is the manufacturer par excellence, offering a full range of environmentally friendly transport solutions, including compressed natural gas, biomethane-compatible, and electric, which meet all passenger transport needs in urban, suburban and interurban settings.

The manufacturer offers a full Natural Power range, including the Daily minibus, Urbanway and Crealis buses and the Crossway range, including its Low Entry version. Iveco Bus natural gas buses help preserve natural resources as they are 100% compatible with biomethane recovered from organic waste. Natural gas is particularly attractive in terms of meeting environmental challenges both in relation to polluting emissions and noise pollution as the fine particle level is almost zero and NOx is reduced by more than a third. This environmental benefit results in a reduction in greenhouse gases of up to 95% and noise levels are halved, providing exceptionally quiet operation for drivers, passengers and residents alike.

In addition to its natural gas range, Iveco Bus is heavily involved in another field of sustainable transport: carbon-free mobility. The brand has developed hybrid electric and 100% electric vehicle ranges: the HYBRID, E-WAY (pictured) and IN-MOTION-CHARGING ranges.

The hybrid-powered series is available in the 12- and 18-metre Iveco Bus models. Equipped with the “Arrive & Go” function, the Full Hybrid buses are capable of running in all-electric mode over a total distance of around 60 metres on approach to and departure from bus stations and at red lights, in silence and pollution-free.

The brand’s 100% electric offer is the E-WAY battery-powered bus range, now available in two designs, four lengths (9.5m, 10.7m, 12m and 18m) and three charging modes: overnight at the depot, via pantograph (ascending or descending) or mixed recharging to meet the specific autonomy needs of each customer.

Lastly, the manufacturer offers an In-Motion-Charging version that combines overhead electric lines with a small onboard battery. These vehicles charge while running under overhead cables. They can also be powered by battery over a distance of up 25 to 40% of the line.