IVECO Daily vans help distribute fresh food to charities across Australia


Have you ever wondered what happens to the surplus provisions at your local supermarket or to the unwanted food at your favorite restaurant?

In Australia, a pioneering charity, OzHarvest, has come up with a solution to try and repurpose some of this food: a sustainable collection and redistribution service which delivers thousands of meals to charities across the country.

CNH Industrial (brand IVECO is a strong supporter of OzHarvest and of its work aimed at striving to eliminate food waste across the country. Through the supply of energy-efficient, low-emission delivery vans to the charity, IVECO Australia is helping to make a positive social impact on local communities throughout the country. The IVECO Daily 35S13’s environmental credentials are a perfect fit for the charity’s sustainable values and the vans fulfil a vital role in OzHarvest’s “food rescue” operation. The customized vehicles, with their eye-catching design, are used in the daily collection of surplus fresh food from supermarkets, restaurants and the food industry and the subsequent redelivery directly to charities and people in need across the country.

This latest installment of Top Stories shows how CNH Industrial works closely with non-profit organizations embedded in local communities to offer unique, sustainable and long-term support that helps the hungry, homeless and underprivileged.