IVECO S-Way wins prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2020


IVECO has won the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 for the IVECO S-Way in the Automobiles/Vehicles Category of the Product Discipline. Recognised as a symbol of design excellence, the annual award competition is organised by iF International forum Design GmbH, one of the oldest independent design institutions in the world.
The IVECO S-Way was selected by the international jury of 78 independent experts from 7,298 entries submitted from 56 countries. The criteria for selection were the degree of innovation and elaboration, looking at the product’s uniqueness, execution and workmanship; functionality, including usability, ergonomics, safety; aesthetic and emotional appeal, spatial concept; corporate responsibility in terms of production efficiency, consideration of environmental standards and carbon footprint, social responsibility and universal design; and positioning of the product.
Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, stated: “It is an honour to receive such a prestigious award. It is an important recognition from an authoritative independent jury that we have achieved our aim: redefining the idea of customer centricity with a vehicle that uses design and the latest innovations in connectivity and automation to provide a complete solution that will make our customers and drivers unstoppable.”
The IVECO S-Way perfectly meets the criteria: its cab is entirely redesigned around the driver’s and owner’s needs. The cab design provides drivers with first-rate living and working conditions while addressing their safety. It provides a complete package of features developed with a focus on driver centricity, sustainability and a new, extended level of connectivity – everything logistics operators need to ensure their fleets top-level uptime, efficiency and productivity in order to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive market.
IVECO S-Way design intent is extremely focused in translating technical and aerodynamical features in a harmonious and integrated body capable of communicating at the same time technology and power, dynamism and balance, refined aesthetic and quality.
IVECO S-Way is characterized by all the styling cues that identifies the IVECO DNA such as the logo dominating the highly detailed and strongly identifying grille, the sharp headlamp sight, and the precious surfaces and balanced proportion typical of the Italian design heritage.
The vehicle expresses his best in the aesthetical integration of the several components typical of his architecture: the front hatch and the bumper area share the big grille in order to hide the strong division line between the cab and the chassis, while the corners wrap around the vehicle giving a refined sense of continuity between the front and the side of the truck. The upper roof, designed to maximize the interior living space, contributes to the front size impression giving strength and stability.
The exterior design is strictly driven by aerodynamics, the air intake beside the headlamps regulate the air pressure along the lower side, cleaning the turbulences generated by the wheels, while the rounded cab corner guides the airflow smoothly along the upper side.
IVECO S-Way has been developed also as a first in class living and working space. The position of the cab floor is optimized to reach a perfect balance between easy accessibility (just 3 steps are needed to get in) and easy walk through (the engine tunnel is very low, allowing easy movements in the interiors. The living space is also maximized thanks to the new roof profile, dimensioned to allow easy in-cab movements in standing position.