Kässbohrer highlights developments in Sustainbility of General Cargo & Cold Chain Transportation

At the Solutrans 2023 trade fair in Lyon, France, leading European semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer highlighted its motto: “Together, to the next 125 years”, underlining the importance of a wide ecosystem of innovation and partnerships to advance the trailer industry towards sustainability.

As explained by Iffet Türken, Executive Board MemberBusiness Development at the event: “During 2023, Kässbohrer contributed to the advancement of sustainability in general cargo and cold chain transport with developments in longer heavier vehicles and electrification. Unique in its competence in manufacturing to meet the needs of all sectors of logistics, Kässbohrer is competent to meet all its customers’ unique transition needs to more sustainable transport.”

Leading the intermodal sector with its award winning unrivalled range, Kässbohrer’ longer heavier vehicles SEC ( Super eco combi) and Intermodal combinations are on road since November 2022. Kässbohrer’s E-Reefer is a step towards advancing sustainability in cold chain transportation realized in partnership with BPW and Thermo King is launched in 2023. Kässbohrer is actively working with its stakeholders advancing electrification of trailers in scope of traction support for trucks. Kässbohrer’s SEC developments includes the Mega Curtainsider Long Heavy Vehicle Combination with CodeXLS K.SCS M DE and DOL XS 18.

Kässbohrer has applied the dynamic wheelbase application to the 32.5 m combination to allow for the vehicle to turn safely. Kässbohrer Super Eco Combi aims at less CO2 emissions and for more sustainability in general cargo sector. The combination has been successfully tested in Netherlands throughout 2023 with findings to be discussed to inform policy.

To support the lower carbon transition of Cold Chain sector Kässbohrer electrified its reefer K.SRI with BPW e-power axle in combination with Thermo King refrigeration unit. K.SRI F already presents many features for operational efficiency and carbon savings with its multi-temperature transport enabling partition wall and double deck option for 66 euro pallet capacity is augmented with electrification. The axles on the vehicle, the BPW module, generate energy from the rotational motion of the wheel, similar to a dynamo, and store it in a battery for demand-driven power supply of the refrigeration unit, working flawlessly with Thermo King cooling unit. Combination of Kässbohrer reefer’s top performing insulation already lowering fuel consumption and BPW- Thermo King system presents the most optimized option in the market.

The E-reefer reduces carbon footprint by saving on fuel and enables reduction on maintenance costs, contributing to efficiency and sustainability of operations. Kässbohrer continues to advance electrification of trailers with its stakeholder ZF. With the aim of developing traction support for the trucks for fuel savings as well as range extension on electrifed trucks, Kässbohrer commits to invest its proven innovation capability, engineering competence to advance the technical integration challenges of the new system safely and efficiently.

“Together, to the next 125years, Kässbohrer advanced trailer technology to take its customers business to the next level while addressing industry’s urgent challenges,” concluded Iffet.