Kässbohrer Trailers brings on innovation and digitalization towards the next 125 years


With 2020 being an extraordinary year with various challenges, one of Europe’s leading semi-trailer manufacturers Kässbohrer had to rapidly adapt in order to continue its operations, make further R&D investments and launched 22 new vehicles to the market.

During the pandemic, Kässbohrer continued its operations and production in its 4 locations without disruption and developed new vehicles and services. After implementing all precautions according to World Health Organisation and Health Ministries, Kässbohrer’s vehicle delivery, spare parts business, customer service, breakdown service, sales and other departments continued to work to offer the best service to its customers in more than 55 countries.

“Adhering to Enginuity, research and development and finding new ways of doing business are top priorities of Kässbohrer,” stated Kässbohrer Board Member Ms. İffet Türken. “At the beginning of the pandemic, firstly, we have digitally upgraded our after sales network of 598 service locations. In April, we upgraded our after sales network pages to include the real-time opening hours and status of all our after sales networks for the convenience of planning for our customers’ repair and maintenance,” added Ms. Türken.

“We have increased online communication and e-learning through webinars inspired Kässbohrer K-Talks. In order to maintain communication with its stakeholders during restrictions, Kässbohrer organized a K-Talks webinar series moderated by expert team members in September. During these sessions, the finest examples of our widest product range were presented and new vehicles for the construction range, for the Nordic countries and tipper vehicles for agricultural material were introduced.”

In addition Kässbohrer hosted an extensive virtual exhibition online to showcase its wide product range, presenting its general cargo range, construction range, dangerous goods range, silo range and launch vehicles that are recently introduced to the sector. Kässbohrer also displayed a special section for its Trailer Innovation 2021 winner and nominated vehicles.

“Our virtual fair is still online and viewable through https://virtualexhibition.kaessbohrer.c om/,” she advised.

“Among our 22 new products, our general cargo vehicles including our complete intermodal product range showcases load factor and load capacity optimizations as well as the reduced weight with special urban solutions. Our tank and silo vehicles showcase developments for different sectors from food transportation to chemical and petroleum products. Our low-bed range showcases loading and maneuverability optimizations with the addition of Kässbohrer new suspensions systems. As we design, test and manufacture for our customers in the EU region, we also specialize in Scandinavian and Russian markets with dimensions capacities larger than EU standards. Our new launch vehicles for these markets build on our years-long expertise of customer satisfaction and will deliver on robustness, safety and efficiencies Kässbohrer customers in these regions deserve.”

“As the winner of 2017 Trailer Innovation Safety Category and  2019 Trailer Innovation Chassis Category, we also became the recent winners of Component category in the Trailer Innovation 2021 awards with our Multifunctional rear underrun protection device RUPD-5K1. In addition, we were rewarded second place in the Body category with first 45 ft. Coil Swap Body K.SWAU CC and the top prize in the Smart Trailer category with K-ADAS, Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.”

“Towards the next 125 years, we will continue to develop technically advanced solutions by following mega trends and working closely with our stakeholders to help our customers face future challenges in a confident manner,” stated Ms. Türken.