Less than 20% of UK HGVs are Ready for DVS Deadline


Huge installation bottleneck emerges

Less than 20% of HGVs are ready for the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliance deadline in March according to video telematics firm SmartWitness.
With less than a month to go, TfL has only issued 50,000 permits DVS, this is only 12% of the total number HGVs in the UK (406,000 taxed and licensed in 2019) and less that 60% of the 91,800 HGVs in London and the south-east alone.

Now that the compliance deadline is fast approaching several fleets have approached SmartWitness to take advantage of the TfL “Grace Period” to grant themselves an extension of up to 90 days on the 1st March deadline.
TfL have agreed to giving HGV owners an extension if they are sent a proof of installation date from an approved DVS supplier before 1st March. SmartWitness is now submitting evidence of all installations to TfL on branded documentation and with vehicle registration details on behalf of operators so they can avoid £550 daily fines.

SmartWitness is recommended by TfL as a camera safety supplier and has been inundated with requests for installation dates and documentation as a result.

Fearghal MacGowan, Smartwitness’ MD for EMEA said: “Most fleets have done too little too late, and are only now getting round to preparing for DVS and so there is a massive bottleneck on installations. There is simply no way we will fit in the orders by the March 1st deadline.”

And he added: “The only way around this is to book an installation now and SmartWitness can get on to TfL and get an extension granted.
“We are sending TfL the proof of install date before the end of May so that it falls inside the 90 day Grace Period on letterheaded paper, as will our partners and resellers.
“SmartWitness are getting in touch with TfL immediately after the booking is made so that they are registered on for the grace period in advance because there are bound to be delays in the admin during the lockdown.”

The SmartWitness DVS Safe System combines the latest 4G/LTE multi-camera recorder (SmartWitness CP4S), with an updated 4G LTE forward-facing HD camera, 120° HD side view cameras, 150° rear view camera, and a 7” dash mounted LCD monitor which gives a live 360 view around the vehicle.

The SmartWitness DVS system also includes proximity sensors on the near side which issue alerts to the driver of other road users and also send out audible alerts to other road users when the vehicle is turning left. The SmartWitness DVS System comes in a four channel (CP4S) or eight channel version (CRXS).

TfL have told fleets that DVS applications should take at least 10 days to process, but they also warned that the process may take longer.