Locally CO2-neutral waste disposal: Mercedes-Benz eActros electrifies REMONDIS in Cologne


Since the start of the eActros series production in October 2021, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been gradually expanding the range of applications of the e-truck for heavy-duty distribution. A battery-electric eActros configured as a waste collection vehicle has been deployed at the REMONDIS waste disposal provider as of April of this year. For this purpose, the e-truck is equipped with a purely electrically operated rotary drum system from the company FAUN. The so-called FAUN ROTOPRESS has a capacity of 21 cubic meters and is especially low-maintenance. REMONDIS uses the eActros in the inner city area of Cologne for commercial customers’ waste disposal. Municipal waste collection in the Rhineland region is planned as well.

The technological centerpiece of the eActros is the drive unit, an electric rigid axle with two integrated electric motors and two-speed transmission. The provision of immediate torque by the electric motors which are coupled with the two-speed transmission ensures powerful acceleration, impressive driving comfort and driving dynamics which enable more relaxed, low-stress driving than a conventional diesel-powered truck.