Logistics bodies reacts to Northern Ireland Protocol announcement


Logistics organisations on both sides of the Irish Sea and Border have reacted positively to Northern Ireland Protocol announcement made yesterday.

Speaking on the announcement regarding the Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol, Logistics UK’s Head of Trade and Devolved Policy, Nichola Mallon, commented: “Logistics UK has remained at the forefront of discussions surrounding the NI Protocol, regularly meeting with senior political figures and EU representatives. During these discussions, Logistics UK has consistently reinforced the importance of an agreed, durable outcome between the UK and EU on the NI Protocol in relation to securing the stability and predictability businesses need. Today’s announcement that an agreement has been reached is therefore positive news for industry, and Logistics UK will now take time to work through the technical details with members.” 

In addition, it’s sister body in the Republic, the Freight Transport Association Ireland has also reacted favourably.

Following the statement by UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak MP, regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol, Chief Executive of FTA Ireland, Aidan Flynn, said: “The announced breakthrough on the NI Protocol looks set to create greater certainty for businesses on the island of Ireland, EU and the UK, where focus can now move to supporting and strengthening trade relations. FTA Ireland will now prioritise reviewing the details of the agreement with its members.”