Logistics UK’s Policy General Manager Alex Veitch, comments on SPS rules for hauliers


Comment follows from Logistics UK’s General Manager of Policy, Alex Veitch, on the announcement on SPS rules for hauliers: 

“The 29th January 2021 (British) Government announcement on SPS rules for hauliers moving goods from GB to NI using groupage (combining small shipments of goods with the same or near origin and destination in a single load) comes after pressure from the logistics sector to ease the administrative burden after Brexit. The guidance will help hauliers using groupage comply with SPS regulations (rules governing the movement of products of plant & animal origin) while using the system to improve efficiency and reducing costs for customers. Logistics UK is cautiously optimistic that the solution proposed will help prevent delays, by reducing the number of vehicles needing to be inspected on arrival in NI if administered correctly. The sector will continue to work closely with both DEFRA and DAERA as the scheme develops, because it is still untested for larger volumes of traffic and it is clear that further IT developments will be required as the system evolves.  As the scheme expands, it will be vital for government to work closely with GB companies sending goods to NI to ensure they are fully briefed on how to prepare groupage loads of SPS goods for NI.”

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