NanoSUN & Reynolds Logistics collaborate to bring practical hydrogen vehicle refuelling solutions to UK & Ireland markets


NanoSUN and Reynolds Logistics have signed a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the delivery of hydrogen vehicle refuelling solutions for end users. The new agreement will see Reynolds Logistics support NanoSUN in providing its customers with their Pioneer Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS).

There are currently a limited number of fixed hydrogen refuelling stations available, meaning fleets of vehicles may have to travel long distances to refuel. Under the new agreement, NanoSUN will work with Reynolds Logistics to move hydrogen fuel from the hydrogen source to their customer’s hydrogen vehicles in a single logistics operation, preventing end users from relying on a constant daily movement of their vehicle fleet to a hydrogen source.

NanoSUN’s Pioneer HRS uniquely combines the features of volume gas storage, gas transportation and end use vehicle dispensing in a single ISO container. Offering local distribution of hydrogen grade fuel directly to hydrogen vehicle fleets at any location and delivering a crucial requirement to kick start
hydrogen vehicle take-up.

Incorporating NanoSUN’s proprietary multi-stage cascade refuelling system, which requires no fixed utilities (power, water etc.), the Pioneer system is the ideal solution for in-field and mobile refuelling, with a simple and intuitive design, facilitating rapid deployment.

The new collaboration will see Reynolds Logistics offer the logistic service to all NanoSUN Pioneer HRS customers, who will be able to benefit from a fast and efficient delivery service with real time ePOD confirmation, using industry leading back office and in cab technology, and access to up-to-date information through a web portal.

Reynolds Logistics are one of the leading logistics companies involved in the distribution of bulk fuels, lubricants, bitumen, specialist gases and hazardous goods throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. The transport company has a significant presence and history in Aviation and Ground Fuels distribution including lower carbon fuels like LNG and more recently opportunities inenergy transition to green hydrogen.

NanoSUN’s CEO, Dean O’Connor, commented: “The Pioneer’s capacity to deliver multiple rapid full fills to hydrogen vehicle fleets offers the vital element needed if we’re to get the transport industry to a clean, green future fast! Reynolds Logistics are an excellent partner for the safe and efficient transport of our Pioneer system from hydrogen source to vehicle deployment, where vehicles are refuelled for commercial operations.”

Andrew Reynolds, CEO of Reynolds Logistics, commented: “Reynolds Logistics have a proven history in the logistics of fuels. The company is continuing growth into new markets including low and zero carbon fuels like hydrogen. Our key drivers of safety, innovation and customer satisfaction will support NanoSUN’s customers in the rapid deployment and operation of Pioneer, enabling rapid deployment of hydrogen vehicle fleets.”