New Isuzu midi-bus adds comfort feature with Allison Automatic Transmission specified


Turkish manufacturer Anadolu Isuzu, has selected the Allison T3270R xFE fully automatic transmission with integral retarder as an option on its newly-launched Grand Toro midi-bus. Available in European markets, the 8.5-metre, 37-passenger capacity bus is equipped with a Cummins ISB Euro 6 engine that produces 210hp at 2,300 rpm.

Allison’s xFE transmissions feature the latest advances in fuel-saving technology.  Incorporating optimised gear ratios coupled with Allison’s FuelSense Max package, xFE transmissions have been designed to deliver significantly more lock-up operations and operate at lower engine speeds in long distances for further fuel economy. Thanks to xFE technology, fuel efficiency is improved by achieving smooth shifting in the most efficient speed range. xFE technology improves fuel economy with the neutral-at-stop feature by automatically shifting to neutral when the vehicle is stopped.

Allison’s torque converter smoothly increases engine torque and transmits more power to the wheels. Allison’s patented Continuous Power Technology offers superior acceleration and high maneuverability through smooth full-power shifts.

“Our long-standing cooperation with Anadolu Isuzu continues with the new 8.5m Grand Toro midi-bus. Midi-bus segment vehicles can be used for multiple purposes thanks to their superior manoeuvrability in narrow streets, on slopes and also in historical areas where buses must cope with road congestion. Popular with tourist and airport operations, they offer superior comfort for passengers on long trips. In line with the enhanced features of the Grand Toro, we believe that the Allison T3270R xFE fully automatic transmission with integral retarder option will be in demand in both domestic and international markets thanks to Allison’s proven success in this segment,” explained Meltem Darakcı, Sales Manager of Allison Transmission Turkey.