New sliding bogie tipper with hydraulic drive axle delivers 50% more payload in adverse off-road environments


Crick Trailer Sales, the specialist division of Dennison Trailers, has launched a new sliding bogie tipping trailer with hydraulic drive system from SAF Holland. Combined with the trailer’s innovative chassis design, operators can now easily transport up to 50 per cent more aggregate in a single journey when compared with a standard 8×4 rigid tipper, regardless of adverse weather conditions, tight spaces or difficult off-road terrain.

The sliding bogie tipper can be shortened to deliver greater manoeuvrability, a tight turning circle and superior stability. Its low unladen weight means the trailer can transport a payload of up to 29.5 tonnes in its extended position – meeting all legal requirements to run on UK roads at the maximum 44 tonnes – compared with the 19.7 tonne payload capacity of an 8×4 rigid tipper running at 32 tonnes.

With the addition of the SAF hydraulic drive system, the trailer can maximise payload capacity even in the most challenging off-road environments. Operators can activate the rear hydraulic drive axle wheels via a button in the cab, which redirects the hydraulic power for the tipping PTO to the rear axle. This delivers 600 Newton metres of torque for extra traction.

Complemented by the trailer’s superior tipping stability, construction teams can rely on deliveries without the risk of complications or delays due to challenging ground conditions. When tested by the MIRA for tipping stability, the trailer remained planted on the ground at 8.5 degrees with a load of 28.9 tonnes locked inside. With its larger diameter tipping hinge bar, wide chassis centre and shortened tipping length, the sliding bogie tipping trailer exceeds the requirement set to obtain class A certification for tipping stability by 13 per cent.

Scott Pagano, Technical Sales Representative, Crick Trailer Sales, comments: “In recent years, articulated tipping vehicles have been gaining popularity in aggregate sector operations, as there are clear savings to be made from larger payloads and fewer journeys. The unique chassis design of the sliding bogie tipper also ensures higher levels of safety for operators and greater manoeuvrability, which makes the vehicle easier to drive.

“Now, with the addition of the hydraulic drive system from SAF Holland, our sliding bogie tipping trailer delivers the complete package when compared with an 8×4 rigid tipper. In addition to greater tipping stability, the trailer is equipped with all the extra traction operators need when faced with the most adverse off-road ground conditions.”

As well as greater manoeuvrability and stability off road, using larger articulated lorries for deliveries in urban areas has been found by Transport for London to cut CO2 emissions by up to 32 per cent and the number of construction lorries on the roads by up to 37 per cent.

About Crick Trailer Sales

Crick Trailer Sales is the specialist division of Dennison Trailers, a leading UK manufacturer of platform and skeletal trailers. The company was formed in 2016 to fill a gap in the UK specialist and type approved trailer market, for a stocking sales outlet centrally located with good links to the M1 and M6. A wide range of trailers, which can be viewed at the sales showroom in Europark, Rugby, have been specially selected to meet the requirements of today’s heavy haulage company. These include various drop frame machinery carriers, the aluminium and steel bodied sliding bogie aggregate tipper, straight frame aggregate tipper, the 13.6 metre drop frame platform trailers and a four-axle drop frame trombone. Crick Trailer Sales is also committed to the production of a stock replenishment program, providing customers with the right trailer and ongoing support to keep their business moving