New Slim Spectrum S4.2 Evaporator for Thermo King Trailer Multi-temperature Refrigeration Units


*Lower profile, Maximized payload volume, Improved zone flexibility

Thermo King, the transport temperature controlled solutions provider for a variety of mobile applications has introduced the new Spectrum S4.2 Remote Evaporator for Thermo King SLXi multi-temperature trailer refrigeration units.

The new compact monobloc evaporator can replace two evaporators in one zone without compromise on refrigeration performance thanks to a lower profile and improved zone flexibility, according to David O’Gorman, Product Manager at Thermo King.

“The new evaporator is another example of our solutions that provide incremental improvement in the trailer refrigeration. This new product adds up to greater efficiency for operators by maximizing the volume available for the payload and facilitating access during loading and unloading operations,” he said.

Featuring Dual Air Discharge with additional heat exchanger area, the new Spectrum delivers refrigeration and airflow performance of a standard evaporator within a very compact envelope. “This gives customers more flexibility for the installation inside the rear compartment of the trailer and optimal temperature control of the transported goods.”