No Sweat! Scania’s Sauna-Series can reduce stress and improve driver wellbeing!


Scania has launched its Sauna-Series cab, which has been specially designed to help drivers reduce their stress and improve their wellbeing on the road.

Available only on the S-Series vehicles, this edition includes a cab size sauna perfect for relaxing and taking the stress away.

Research carried out by Scania’s renowned Fiktiva department found that if a driver used the sauna for 45 minutes a day, they would sweat their problems away.

Vera Havinnuon, Head of Påhittad Technology at Scania AF, said: “We’ve been foolish not to focus on improving driver wellbeing. Some spend most of their week in the cab, so we’ve brought them some home comforts to improve their time on the road.

“After years of research and development, this was the most logical answer. The Sauna-Series is easy to use, perfect in all conditions, simple to maintain, and best of all, has a host of health benefits. All-in-all the project was no sweat for us.”

Research and testing showed that drivers who used the sauna were more productive than their other counterparts, with drivers claiming they could drive for an additional 4.5 hours a day – ‘no sweat’.

Each Sauna-Series truck comes equipped with an infrared heat cabin, designed to use minimal energy to heat up and doesn’t require extraction fans to remove steam. It means you can enjoy the sauna while watching TV, reading a book, doing admin or while having a nap.

To complement the Sauna-Series, Scania has produced a set of matching accessories to help you complete your look. Including a luxury, handcrafted set of towels and matching bathmat, which has been designed to absorb as much moisture as possible.

The first 250 people to register their interest in the Scania Sauna-Series will receive a luxury bathmat for free. It usually retails at £2,304.01.

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