Novaerus At McGreals supports BUMBLEance with Air Dis-Infection devices


Blessington, County Wicklow based Novaerus At McGreals has supplied two Novaerus NV 200 air dis-infection devices to BUMBLEance, the official Children’s National Ambulance Service of Ireland.

Novaerus is a medical-grade clean air technology that kills airborne viruses at the DNA level, including a surrogate for the virus that causes Covid-19, providing added protection for patients and medics on board the ambulance all year round.  BUMBLEance will be the first ambulance service in Ireland to have the devices installed.

At the launch Kilian McGreal, Managing Director of Novaerus At McGreals and McGreal’s Pharmacy Group (pictured left) said: “BUMBLEance plays a crucial role in bringing children to their medical appointments, it is a fantastic service that we are proud to support. Providing a clean air solution that compliments existing hygiene protocols will protect and reassure both staff and patients on board the vehicles. The Novaerus device helps to close the hygiene loop by eliminating all airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi including measles, MRSA and Tuberculosis, which is so important in settings where vulnerable children are travelling. The devices are used across a range of business and healthcare sectors in Ireland as well as in private homes, improving the air quality indoors – especially beneficial at this time of year when more time is spent indoors”.

Tony Heffernan, Founder and CEO of BUMBLEance and The Saoirse Foundation said: “Our number one priority is creating a safe travelling environment for our patients, so we were thrilled to accept the donation of the Novaerus NV 200 devices from Kilian and the team at Novaerus At McGreals. It is a very welcome addition which will enhance our hygiene and disinfection routines. The devices will give our staff and patients an extra level of hygiene security and peace of mind on the road which in turn will boost the levels of wellbeing on all the journeys we take – short and long.”

The Novaerus air dis-infection devices are powered by technology that has been independently proven to kill 99.99% of MS2 Bacteriophage, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid-19, as well as airborne bacteria and fungi. The technology has been recognized globally and in South Korea, the Irish-manufactured devices are installed in 4 out of 5 ambulances in Seoul.

Caption: Pictured at the handover is Kilian McGreal, Managing Director of Novaerus At McGreals and McGreal’s Pharmacy Group with Doug Kavanagh, Operations Manager, BUMBLEance and Àine Phelan, Driver and Paramedic, BUMBLEance, with the Novaerus NV 200 for the ambulance.