PICTURE OF THE WEEK – New Vroom-Town Book Launched


The Adventure of Vabis the Scania Truck Helping to Save Our Planet

Special theme author, Emer Conlon has published another edition to her successful Vroom-Town book series, called The Adventure of Vabis, the Scania Truck Helping to Save Our Planet.  A captivating and colourful story designed to entertain and engage young readers, the book is tailored to children aged 2-7 years. This latest addition is her seventh Vroom-Town book and is also her second Scania Official Licensed Product.

With a background in the Truck Industry, working as Marketing Manager at McElvaney Motors (the Scania Dealership), Emer has a unique ability to connect with children through engaging stories and relatable, endearing, truck characters. She explains the decision to write the book, As with my last book, there is often a misconception that trucks are diesel guzzlers and bad for the environment, however, Scania, and indeed other truck marques have been implementing strategies for quite some time to improve and change this. I thought that reflecting what Scania is doing from a sustainability perspective in real-life, would make for a really great adventure for the Vroom-Town trucks – not only would it be a real-page turner, but it would make learning about sustainability, fun and accessible for children. When my incredibly talented illustrator, Jon McCormack was available to come on board with the book, it was decision made”.

The book features vibrant illustrations that brings the dynamic world of the Vroom-Town trucks to life with engaging scenes that will captivate both children and parents alike.
Not only is there a brand new Vroom-Town book, but we also have a wonderful new truck joining the cast of characters! I am very pleased to reveal that she is another Scania truck! Essie, a talented Scania battery electric vehicle, is a friend of Vabisand is a delightful addition to Bill Byrnes yard. She’s bright, eco-friendly and ready to join Vabis and the gang on a new greenadventure. Essie brings a spark of energy (literally) and a whole lot of fun as she helps teach important lessons about sustainability and caring for our planet,” added Emer.

Explaining Essies inclusion and name choice, Emer continued: When creating Essie, I felt it was important that Vroom-Town would have a battery electric truck, which obviously represents the real-lifeshift from diesel and other fossil fuels in todays truck and motor industry. I called her Essie because as with Vabis, I wanted to give a nodto the history of Scania. SE is the domain extension of Sweden and as Scania originates from Sweden, Essie (SE) seemed like a clever way to incorporate this and to achieve the nod.”

The story follows the journey of Vabis, a Scania truck, as he and his friends embark on an adventure to the rainforest to try out their new electric charge. The journey takes a bit of an unexpected turn when BullyDozer and Terrible Terry decide to destroy the environment by tearing down the rainforest and helpingVabis and his friends fall into a swamp! Will Vabis be able to help save the planet from the dastardly deeds of Terrible Terry and BullyDozer… youll have to read the book to find out!

Alongside his friends, Vabis showcases the versatility and strength of Scania trucks while teaching children valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of sustainability and protecting our planet.

Emers storytelling style brings both characters and stories to life, captivating readers with every page and her new book is no different. “I wanted to create a story that not only captures the imaginations of young readers but also teaches the importance of friendship, the power of kindness and a little about how we all can help save our planet”. 

The engaging visuals, combined with a well carved narrative, makes The Adventure of Vabis the Scania Truck Helping to Save Our Planet a perfect read-aloud for parents, caregivers and children themselves. It is now available in select bookshops, online and from Vroom-Town.ie