PICTURE OF THE WEEK Q-Truck by Westwell using Artificial Intelligence

Introducing the Q-Truck, an electric autonomous heavy-duty tractor truck. An advanced vehicle designed in-house by Westwell from the ground up.

Q-Truck took the radical design approach of entirely removing the driver cabin to make it truly autonomous. “We have the confidence in doing so thanks to our understanding of its usage scenarios (mainly container ports), as well as our self-driving algorithms which are optimized accordingly. Q-Truck is capable of navigating and performing loading and discharging tasks alongside all kinds of manned and unmanned vehicles/facilities in ports, without requiring major infrastructural changes. With its electric powertrain and bringing significant efficiency boost to ports, Q-Truck is our statement of eco-efficiency, providing a disruptive, competitive, yet environmentally-friendly option for heavy-duty horizontal transport in container logistics,” explained Shelly Zhang, Branding Communication Specialist, Westwell.

“Furthermore, for the fleet of multiple Q-Truck to operate in port, there is more than just the vehicle itself. Q-Truck is backed by our Fleet Management System (FMS). It is a centralized software platform which consists of a suite of tools and features that provide real-time monitoring, tracking, and reporting on self-driving vehicles’ performance, maintenance, and operations. FMS provides a data-driven insight and a bigger picture for the optimized route planning for each Q-Truck in the field.”

“In terms of adoption, fleets of Q-Truck have been proven safe and effective in ports around the world, including Thailand, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. Recently, our fleet of six Q-Truck in Hutchison Port Thailand, which have been serving since 2020, reached the milestone of having performed 150,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit). The deployment of Q-Truck plays a vital role in the port’s commitment to sustainability. Nine more new Q-Truck with battery-swapping capability, together with nine E-Truck, our new electric connected terminal tractor, have been delivered to the port and soon will be deployed to integrate with the existing Q-Truck fleet, and to further drive the transformation for the port to become a greener business.”

“Q-Truck has received the CE certification and we are actively introducing Q-Truck to Europe. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Port of Felixstowe in the UK. Two Q-Truck are now being tested in the port and soon to be ready to put in daily operations. It is believed to be the first case in Europe to deploy self-driving vehicles in mixed (manned & unmanned) traffic environments of ports.”