Port of Rosslare: Unaccompanied Freight Procedures; Support message on Refuse trucks; Developments in Poland


Important information: All unaccompanied vehicles are required to be on port at least two hours before scheduled departure time, shipment cannot otherwise be guaranteed.

Check in Procedure for un-accompanied Freight

All un-accompanied freight being delivered for shipping will enter the port at the freight entrance where they will be weighed at the weighbridge and issued a weight docket. When they have been weighed the barrier will open allowing them access to the Freight Check-in area. All unaccompanied freight for Shipping must be in port one hour before sailing time.

All freight vehicles will then be required to proceed to the Brittany Ferries Freight check-in booth.

The freight Booth of Brittany ferries will be open from 03:45 to 22:00 daily. The driver will present the weight docket and other relevant paperwork at the booth and once this booking and accompanying paperwork is confirmed to be correct will be Checked-In for the relevant sailing. Trailers can only be checked in 5 days ahead of being shipped.

You will then be directed to Area C of the compound to drop the trailer for shipping after which the driver will exit the port from the freight Exit.

Dangerous Goods

Classification of Dangerous goods accepted for shipping to be confirmed with Brittany Ferries 24 Hours Prior to arrival at the port. All Dangerous goods to be provided with Dangerous Good Note, handling instructions in writing and correct DG labels.

Out of Hours dropping off of un-accompanied freight

Where a haulage company wishes to drop off un-accompanied freight vehicles out of hours between 22:00 and 04:00 the following will be the procedure:

  • The haulier’s driver will weigh his vehicle on the Weighbridge entering the port and will take his weight docket.
  • He will drop his trailer in the check-in area close to the fence on his right as he enters over the Weighbridge.
  • The driver then will write the trailer No on the Weight docket and deposit it in the Post-box of the weighbridge booth.
  • The Freight booth will contact the relevant Traffic Controller to send over a Tugmaster to either put the trailers into the designated area of the Export yard or to bring it straight to the vessel.

Un-accompanied Freight being collected:

  • Hauliers must notify the port by email to Ierosslarefreightsecurity@irishrail.ie with the name of the driver collecting the trailer, the registration number of the tractor-unit collecting the trailer and the number of the trailer to be collected.
  • Hauliers arriving in the port to collect a trailer must enter through the freight entrance of the port and present themselves at the Brittany ferries Freight booth.
  • Check-in staff will issue them a release document for the trailer being collected.
  • Drivers will be directed to the Import compound to collect their trailer and exit the port from the Freight Exit where they will be required to present the release document.

Out of Hours collection of Un-accompanied freight

Where a haulage company requests from a Shipping company permission to collect un-accompanied freight vehicles out of hours between 22:00 and 04:00 the following will be the procedure:

  • Hauliers must notify the port by email to Ierosslarefreightsecurity@irishrail.ie with the name of the driver collecting the trailer, the registration number of the tractor-unit collecting the trailer and the number of the trailer to be collected.
  • The Shipping Company will inform the Duty Controller and request from the evenings Traffic Co-Ordinator that he leave out the designated trailers.
  • The shipping company will then give the Release documents to Port Security that evening.
  • The Hauliers driver will need to phone Port Security on 087 3561956 to gain access to collect his trailer.
  • The driver and trailer will be allowed to exit through the Freight Exitand the Release document will be collected by Security.
  • Port Security will only release trailers which they are pre-instructed to release by the Shipping Company.

Free Days in Port

Exports: 5 days prior to the sailing date, inclusive of laydown day.

Imports: 3 days after the date of discharge, exclusive of discharge date.

Coronavirus Message not wasted on Refuse trucks

Commercial Vehicle Graphics specialist Roadvert has teamed up with Public Health England in its fight against coronavirus by reinforcing the crucial call for members of the public to stay indoors in a unique way.

As the UK lockdown enters its fourth week with hospital deaths passing the 13,000 mark, Roadvert has created artwork for local authorities to use on their fleets of refuse collection trucks. Its message is clear ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’.

“These are unprecedented times and we don’t know what to expect in the days, weeks or months ahead. But what we do know is that members of the public must stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. We know that Government and the Health Service are doing everything they can to get that message across, but everyone needs to do their part to help combat this outbreak and stem the spread of this deadly virus,” explained CEO of Roadvert Ltd., Lawrence Craig.

“Refuse collection trucks are still in operation and on every street, every road, every avenue and every crescent across the country – so what better way to get the message out to keep families and neighbourhoods safe during these uncertain times?  It is the perfect  platform to reach our local communities and drive the message home.”

Roadvert’s patented Spedian changeable graphics system can be fitted to or removed from municipal vehicles in less than 15 minutes.  Recyclable and unlike adhesive vinyl, the graphics panels leave no residue behind when removed.

“Refuse vehicles are a powerful communication tool.  There is no other medium which goes down every street and every household in the same way.  This campaign can help spread the crucial message to every home in their neighbourhood – this is about saving lives and we can only do that by following Government advice to stay at home,” he concluded.









Problems prevail in Poland

The Polish Ministry of Transportation, before last weekend declared the same or similar relaxation of the drivers’ hour regulation for truck drivers as in most European Member States. However, there are some exemptions of the WE601 Directive, which will expired on May 31st, which means that national and international truck drivers may; drive up to 11 hours a day, 60 per week or 96 in 2 weeks. And can have their rest time in the cab, provided they record all these special conditions through tachograph.

But the true tension in road transport is increasing, in that the big logistics providers and freight forwarders are reducing their rates offered to sub-contract road hauliers.

The Polish Government has announced a four-step relaxation of some limitations relating to social distancing. The first step, starting from today (Monday, 20.04.20), is allowing more people to be able to enter some shops at one time. At the same time, the Ministry of Health declared most of limitations will expire only after discovery of efficient anti-Coronavirus vaccine.

Pic: Oliver Willms